Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bush Cruz Vote Fraud Kentucky

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I was listening to Gun Talk with Tom Gresham who I have taken to the woodshed for his anti Trump rhetoric previously, but I commend him for today he was fair noting that Mr. Trump is for the right to carry firearms, when some booktard kept whining that being bed fuzz "he had read allot and therefore Mr. Trump should"......Tom Gresham hung up on him.

This though is about something from another caller from Kentucky, who stated that Kentucky has switched from Primary Voting to being a caucus for the first time in that state's history.

2016 Kentucky Republican Presidential Caucus Info

What: 2016 Kentucky Republican Presidential Caucus When: Saturday, March 5 (10:00 am - 4:00 pm local time) Where: Magoffin Board of Education - Board Room

As we can ascertain from Iowa, a caucus equals election fraud, from Hillary Clinton coin flipping for delegates, to Ted Cruz  lying about Ben Carson in vote intimidation, and Marco Rubio using e vote fraud, that Kentucky is being set up for vote fraud like Iowa.

What Iowa revealed was chaos. Cruz voters packed auditoriums and then due to fire laws of too many people in a building, the Trump people were turned away. We saw ballots being handed out like condoms at a fag Obama rally. We witnessed how Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump having primary leads in winning those states, both having the election stolen from them.

This is on the tail of reports in Tennessee that people voting for Donald Trump, had their votes spit out marked for Jeb Bush.

What this is all about is what Facebook had posted from this mob, in this is about those who can intimidate others by screaming the loudest, dictate who wins.

Make Kentucky A Presidential Caucus State 2016

This page is dedicated to make Kentucky a Presidential Caucus State in 2016. Our goal is allow Kentucky Republican voters a louder voice in the race.
 This is coming right out of Mitch McConnell's office with Rand Paul, and the same stacking things for the elite candidate as was set up by the RNC after the last election, and that was all the Jeb Bush people, manipulating our right to a free election, so they could steal it.

The caller to Gun Talk, said he could not get any information on how to voter or where to vote in the GOP primary. That is vote suppression again, and it means only the insiders of the GOP elite are going to pack things for those organized on the ground, shut the doors and leave us out in the cold again.

Sincerely, the caucus must be outlawed in election as Iowa has proven it is a fraud, and the elite are moving toward it as a means to bring out the thugs and scare off people from voting.

This is something to watch and to raise hell about, as Donald Trump has at least now a 20 point lead on all the other Republicans, and if he does not sweep the elections and caucuses like New Hampshire, which was monitored, there is vote fraud.

Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.