Sunday, February 14, 2016

Of Monster Cottonwoods

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Managing the Lame Cherry media group has not been enjoyable for some time now. There has just been too much exposure to the Spirit in me to these political assassins trying to end Donald Trump and America, along with the Oregon FBI murder and terrorism of Americans, has ripped fissures in me, which does not allow for me to create like I normally do.
The blog is the most successful in what it does, and has no equals, but success is a price at what cost often.

I need positive things and inspired things, for me best to generate correctly. I respond best to creating, even if I excel at destruction. I am trying to read a series of letters, books and articles by a Russian genius named Immanuel Vol..........sorry I forget his name, but his is an electromagnetic world and it is fascinating how his mind worked in hammering Einstein into submission.

I was thinking of monster Cottonwoods as they were mentioned. I think that Cottonwoods are my favorite tree. They are the only tree that can get away with looking like a bush and still be a tree. I like their sweet smell, the ways their leaves rustle and sign in the wind, and how they are so huge in seeming to live forever.

There is a Cottonwood 400 yards from our house here on Mom's that was a big tree when I was a little child. It is  growing in a small wet spot on the fence line, and it has some companions now, but this tree is as large as a dining room table in circumference. It has survived at least 3 tornadoes and it just is always there. The cattle love standing under it, and thank God lightning never strikes.

I am amazed how trees grow so slow. My Grampa had a black walnut which was huge, and as a wee tot I gathered two seeds from it, and planted them. I now have one tree after all these years which is about the size of a platter. Trees just seem to be forever sometimes.

I do not know why Maples and Oaks get all the glory. Oaks are not much on shade in the American varieties and Maples have shallow roots that tip them over in tornadoes. Now mind you, I can understand why some trees like Chinaman Elm are hated. There has never been a more worthless tree ever created. They have puny leaves, grow sickly, and when you think you have a tree, the damn thing dies, leaving this pulpy stump that shatters in being full of bugs. A Chinamen Elm is the antithesis of an American  Elm, but I am not much on V shaped trees.

I like Cottonwoods as they look something good to eat, with all that lush popcorn like head on top of a stout trunk. They just are inviting and on a 100 degree day they just make you thankful this lord of the trees is making the world cooler for you. I have never been under a cottonwood and had it not cooler in their shade. I can not say that about other trees.

I should go back to work now, but my mind is wearily trying to make excuses not to. There is no excuse in this not being fun, as God puts up with me and I am certain I am not fun for Him 24 hours a day. I detest signing praise songs as I think such things are not genuine, and in my genetics, one speaks with God and is reverent, so there is none of that rolling around on the floors or yelling out AMEN. God is between me and me and that is the way I am most comfortable. But then that is the good part in all of this, as each of you is the special delight to God to make Him smile, and I am the polishing rag. I am completely fine with that, as being in God's hands in any way is better than not being in His hands at all.

I would so like to have a tarp lean to, a fire, TL  and quart tin cups under a cottonwood, looking at the stars and listening to the night. I do not want to assess how long I would require to be camped out there, but it is nice feeling that time line in what it would be like, even if it never comes to pass.

You are doing well my children and my brats. Just keep the faith and Donald Trump will give you your rest and keep you from World War III. Just a little while longer and you will have some extra money to build your shelters to weather the Great Tribulation.

Just have to be more like that Cottonwood, in others get the attention, but fall over or shatter, while by God you just absorb it all and are there for the better day ahead.

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