Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Lame Cherry Agrees with Birther Obama Background Checks for Guns

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Did you know, that before the 1968 Gun Control Act, that companies like Sears Roebuck sold guns directly to the pubic, in you simply ordered them like shoes through the mail, and NOT ONE PERSON was ever assassinated with one of these mail order purchases?

That is why I agree with the Obama background checks. Granted image Obama is a damned liar in calling for those checks, as they already are mandatory in purchasing firearms, but all the same, this open up the major point is why does the NRA, Tom Gresham or any of these other "Second Amendment" money whores ever call for a return to 1967 AD in the year of our Lord, when Americans had the freedom to directly purchase firearms, now that there is a background check on all sales.

Let me explain this to the ignorant on the subject.

When you currently purchase a firearm, you go into Walmart, and the person behind the counter, has you fill our a BATFE (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) form, which is your background check.
It is a series of questions, and when you are done, it is electronically filed with BATFE and within a few minutes to an hour, you either pass the check or are denied. Law abiding people, or people who do not have insane children by their same name, then pay for the gun, and the lead at Walmart, walks you out to the front door with your new purchase.
If you order from some gun dealer at Shotgun news, you can fill out a form online for the purchase or you phone them up and they collect your information, whereby they will send the gun to a dealer of your choice who has to provide their FFL or Federal Firearms License by fax, and then you go to the FFL dealer where you live, and then fill out the form in paper or e form, in the same Walmart procedure.

What the Lame Cherry advocates with all of these legal background checks already in place, that a Citizen should be able to go online to Walmart, a gun auction site or a gun dealer, and fill out that same form, with showing your ID as in a driver's license you would email, and when you pass the background check, your firearm should be sent through the mail to you as it was in 1967, as you have fulfilled the same background check, more thorough than E voting.
To make certain it ends up in the buyers hands, just like all registered mail is signed for, you simply sign for it with showing your ID to the UPS or postman.

TL worked at a facility which dealt with shipments of hazardous materials, and UPS shipped all the time, and delivered, and they frankly were more lethal than any gun in the mail. So it is a fact that people are already shipping guns and hazmat material constantly with no problems, so why should not the Citizen, passing the background check online be as "safe" as having to fill out the same form in person.
The firearm and form are just as verified, when you show your ID to the person who delivers it, as when it is a gun dealer. Postal employees are just as certified as any gun dealer in working for the regime.

The question in this is why the NRA has not backed this nor the GOP. Of course it has to do with being part of gun control which they are for, and in protecting Obama's Big Gun in denying people easy access to firearms, so a European firm like Fabrique Nationale can gouge you on expensive guns, when Eastern Europe, Russia and China are turning out guns cheaply, which you can not get your hands on.

Think of it in instead of an 800 dollar Ruger Mini 14, you could directly order from Russia a Saiga for 250 dollars..........a gun which Obama banned and is the same semi auto Obama's Big Gun is gouging you for.

Americans deserve this right to order guns directly, in having passed a background check from anywhere in the world. US Customs would monitor your purchase making sure it was not stolen in transit, and the US carriers would monitor it inside America to your door.

Ask yourself, what is better for you, Fabrique Nationale selling you a Winchester for 1400 dollars or a Turkish knock off made in the same plant sold directly to you for 200 dollars with shipping?

Every person in America has now bascially passed a background check in America during these Obama years in the record number of guns purchased by law abiding Americans. No other industry or client can match the record in millions of guns sold with very little misuse. The alcohol industry certainly can not match that record.

So this is what Lame Cherry advocates in a Donald Trump Administration. If you are poor, there is Gun Welfare like Obama phones, handed out to poor Americans. If you want a gun, you fill out a BATFE online gun form from the seller, pass the check, pay for the gun, it is sent, and you are ID verified and sign for it, and you have your firearm.

That is what America is and was. In 1968 the quick check was not possible, but now it is, and there is absolutely no reason you should not be able to buy a firearm from Sears like your parents could before 1967 AD in the year of our Lord...........the only reason you can not, is because the people you are sending your money to in the NRA and your GOP are for gun control in keeping you from firearms and overcharging you for Big Gun.

You start advocating for yourself, and it will become law. America needs more guns. Millions of more guns from Russia, Serbia, the Czechs and Turkey, in a healthy competition, which will bring gun company manufacture ownership back to Americans and not Europeans.

Any American passing a background check should be able to order to their doorstep any firearm in the world.

Nuff said