Friday, February 5, 2016

Crooked Cruz Crooked Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Officially today, after hearing Ted Cruz lie about and smear Donald Trump, that he was the "kinda guy who would nuke Denmark" I have come to the point of reality that I do not just dislike Ted Cruz, but I hate Ted Cruz.
I will not vote for Ted Cruz if Jesus Christ was His VP and I would vote for that communist Bernie Sanders who has been described by a reporter who knew him from the time he could still get erections as, Bernie is prick and an asshole, with absolutely no sense of humor.

I got this forwarded to me by the Iowa Secretary of State's Office, and it might surprise you that Iowa does not have an election, so it is not overseen by the Sec. of State.

Thank you for contacting the Iowa Secretary of State and I apologize that you had a frustrating experience. The Iowa Democratic Party and the Republican Party of Iowa conduct the Iowa precinct caucuses. While the caucuses are very significant in the Presidential nominating process, they are not an actual election, and thus are not conducted by the office of the Iowa Secretary of State.

You may wish to address your complaint to:

The Iowa Democratic Party at 515-244-7292


The Republican Party of Iowa at 515-282-8105

No wonder people were being bused into Iowa, no wonder Trump voters were locked out, no wonder Cruz had kidnapped Carson voters, no wonder ballots were flying around like welfare checks for Mexicans, it is because the entire Iowa Caucus is nothing but a damn criminal fraud.

The Des Moines Register is calling for an audit on the Democrat side, as the Sanders campaign has been doing spot checks and nothing in the voting matches what the outcome was. In other words, what Ted Cruz was doing with Marco Rubio in the GOP, Hillary Clinton was doing with the Democrats.

This really upsets me, not the vote fraud, but that these traitors to America, have now tainted the election process so completely that no one believes  the results, so literally there is no continuity of regime, in the people are not going to support anything of this mafia. They will cheat on their taxes, when a cop gets shot they will see nothing, and when they get called to fight, they will just hide behind some bush and let some other dunce die for his know what blacks have been doing since the Union let them into the Army.

Rince Prebus or whatever that fag of the GOP is, said he is not going to get involved. Sean Homo Hannity was certifying this election fraud as it stole a victory of Big Koch Cruz and Rubio. It is all criminal and Hillary Clinton is the equal of them all.
I found myself thinking of Donald Trump's line of shooting a reporter and no one would care........hell right now if Donald Trump shot Ted Cruz, everyone would celebrate and I would like to see Baron show up with a bat and hit Sean Hannity with it.

This is what the call for 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump is about. The establishment just stole the Iowa vote from Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. This only going to get worse and is the nightmare of nightmares.

The only positive in this, is everyone is witnessing what an insufferable ass Ted Cruz is, and he is going to be Fidel Castro in throwing people from the right and left into prison, and what happened in Oregon is going to have Bernie Sanders and Jeb Bush laying in their own blood, as a Cruz police state unleashes on everyone, just as Cruz is now.

I honestly never thought there were things more evil than Red Square voting in 1960, and communists like Bernie Sanders and Socialists like Jeb Bush, but with this Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz treachery in Iowa, they literally are guilty of treason in being traitors to America, and should be hung by a military tribunal.

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You know this is bad if Ron Paul has to weigh in and tell his head up the supporters that they should not be gravitating to this crook Ted Cruz.