Friday, February 5, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you can not do one good thing each day, then the day has been wasted on evil.

- Lame Cherry

Long ago, in a poetic life, I had dreams which were destroyed, as most of my life has been. In that dream, I had a very expensive scanner which now sits entombed here, but there was a lovely little program from ULEAD on it, called IPHOTO PLUS.
It is impossible to find this program, and as the computer had no disc drive, it was not going to be loaded off my disc for an install. The reason I liked it, it is retardo simple in it does a pretty good job on pictures and in scanning them if people still have that antiquated means.
What I liked about the original is that when I do photoshop work, I could travel back and forth between Paint Shop Pro and IPHOTO by copy and paste. It made it easier to resize.

Well I found IPHOTO in the version below which I did download and it does work on install.

IPhoto Plus 1.2

You will require though a RAR extractor.........the RAR is an invention by the Russians which was brilliant beyond what the Americans lay claim to. Yes Mother Russia created a better file compression system, which does not corrupt files like Zip files are prone to.

So I found a free RAR extractor, and installed it here in a test, and tested it and it works, with no annoying toolbars or other crap. That would be called EXTRACT NOW.

Extract Now

What I am going to tell you now is simple and that is to do what I do in go and get some cheap Flash Drives, download these free files, the ones you like and work on your computer, save them. That way when you crash and burn, you will have all of this saved and can install it easily.
Back in day, I had quite a few files, but my drive crashed and all I had was dial up, so I could not save all these files which then turned into this sh*t of toolbar and spyware installations. The current WordWeb monitors if you fly on jets each year, which means you are a richtard, and then it blocks you. That is one feature I would like to have in the thieves on this site who keep stealing information from me when they are rich enough to donate a big wad of cash or the people who think that donating is a license to get on the pony and abuse it.

Any way, these files do work. The Extract Now is really nice. The IPhoto is pretty close to the one I have, and you can paste photos in it, by the clipboard feature, which is what I found was different than mine. It is better than nothing, and being free it is better than most of the expensive programs.

So this Vetusware site is a good site. I found one file that was corrupted, but that is normal. It certainly is a million times better than the softronic type sites in all their confusing ads. You do have to register which means one of your dump email addresses, and they send you a password, and as I just did this today without any problems, it is voila and done.


If Blogger allowed file uploads, I would put a number of the small ones I have here, just because things should not disappear. Long ago I had a free program of the stars, which I could set in motion and it showed all the constellations, planets and I think even eclipses. Is gone now as that was a floppy disc era, and was too big for that.

But if you have programs you like, save them to a Flashdrive, as the older versions are superior in using less resources. It save a great deal of effort and frowning, to find things which work, as nothing is worse than the error reads I get when I need a program.

Freeware is the best ware and you will be surprised how many expensive programs show up in old scanner boxes and things in junk stores. I picked up for 80 cents a few weeks ago, a complete sign language course.

Anyway got to gotta.

Nuff Said