Friday, February 5, 2016

The Electrical Grid

There is no sane reason to publish this Information.


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to share this letter as this is what I mean about how each of us has something which is necessary. This is not about donations from people who can not afford to donate, but it is about someone planning ahead to a time that we are going to need in our communities to get our lights back on, after things fry, or someone who in Christian terms might someday pull the plug on some drone about to drop a nuke on some Bundy enclave.

Sorry I have not been able to donate.  Going back to school to get an engineering degree so that I hope I can help maintain the electrical grid for the benefit of the American people.

Thanks again for your unrelenting persistence.  You are really showing God's strength through your weakness because no uninspired (Holy Ghost) person could do your work load as well as you are.  I know we are only suppose to owe each other a debt of love, but this doesn't negate my guilt for not contributing when I gather so much wisdom from your posts.

Each of us has talents, and experience. So many of you know things from shipping to computers, and some of you might know how to hide something well, because while the rest of us have been spouting off making ourselves, targets you have been that gopher in the hole who is so boring that the NSA uses you to torture people in boring them to death.

It is allot like this keyboard. I hated it when my IQ got me enrolled before most people in typing class in 8th grade. I found it was not such a bad deal, when everyone else in my class had to take typing years later, and I got to sit in study hall.......or I was on the honor roll so I got to get out of school at 2:30 in the afternoon.

Typing came in handy when I wrote my first books which never published, but it was practice again, and when these keyboard showed up, I was flying across them while other people were busy poking at the board like my brother one finger at at time.

It is all about skills. The archives online are full of books. Hell you can get the degree without a degree from most colleges as their PHD courses are online. There is no harm in having numbers of skills and I am always trying to be a bright child in adding to the the current vocation to learn sign language, as I already know Indian sign, so that TL and I can communicate whenever and wherever.

Tis a surprising thing in grubby sewer guys become kings when they know how to keep your water on so you do not get sick and keep your toilet flushing. I would that I had more time to be more than a La'me of all trades and master of them, but a complete expert on them, as someday I probably am going to have to fly a Boeing and it might help a bit to know more than just how to fly one.

God bless the Good in you and may you be resilient for His Glory and Honor, in Jesus Name Amen and Amen.