Sunday, February 21, 2016


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The above photo has existed for several years, as has the story behind this photo, and that means the several felonies involving Rafael Ted Cruz are also valid to this photo, as much as Mark Levin now involving all of his followers in a criminal scheme.

The story of this picture is Duck Dynasty was invited to the State of the Union by a politician he purchased in Louisiana. Sean Hannity, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Sen. Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Newt and Mrs. Gingrich, all joined in this event, and went to Mark Levin's favorite trough I believe for a meal.

The tab for the table in this group was 5000 dollars for the table, and Sean Hannity picked up the tab, and then gave the waiter a 5000 dollar tip, and once again bragged about how Hannity was poor once and knew about working poor.

Now upon examination of this, do you think Sean Hannity from New York just paid 10,000 dollars, or do you think multi millionaire Sean Hannity who was selling one of his mansions in New York for several million dollars in 2014, wrote this off as a "working" trip to DC which translates to, it was not multi millionaire Sean Hannity who was being generous to the waiter or picking up the tab, but it was each of you being gouged by Obama taxes who paid for this just last year, as is always the case.

Look at that gathering again of all of these millionaires, and notice something else about campaign finance laws and "gifts", in this kind of expense is something in the realm of the IRS and the FEC, because what are the odds that Senator Ted Cruz, reported that he was part of a nice Sean Hannity junket in which his gift or bribe was several hundred dollars?

This becomes more sinister as we have before us in 2014 a political event, involving Ted Cruz, who was already running for President, and before us, we have two of the three syndicated media personalities who for the entire GOP primary have been dedicating 3 hours each a day to running free advertising for Ted Cruz, which is a violation of FCC and FEC rules.

Now add to this mix, the reality that Ted Cruz has been funding these media programs with his purchases of air time, meaning we have evidence of a quid pro quo, in which Sean Hannity and Mark Levin bribed Ted Cruz with a junket and then Ted Cruz has reciprocated with massive money dumps into their accounts for ads and free positive commentary each day.

Understand there is a massive problem in all of this, as ads purchased are time slotted to perhaps 15 minutes of an hour. That means Ted Cruz besides his free 300 dollar steak has been receiving the gift of free air time of almost 9 hours a day which is not being reported to the FEC or more importantly the IRS.

This is criminal, and John Edwards was indicted on a whole lot less than this by the Obama regime, as much as Speaker of the House Jim Wright was driven from Congress for much less than this.

To lay this out in simple terms, if you buy a Senator a steak, and he does not report it, and you do for tax deductions, there is a criminal problem in disclosure. If next year, that Senator begins dumping money into your business, at the exclusion of other businesses, and you start giving freebies to that Senator, while taking IRS deductions for operating that business, it begins the process of completing the loop of criminal RICO or racketeering.

Mark Levin started all of this in trying to be dictator to the voters, so now upon examination he had dragged this all back to his friend Sean Hannity, who should be audited, along with Limbaugh and Levin in this criminal conspiracy by the FCC, FEC and IRS.

These are the things which people go to prison for 20 years for to life. All of this must be investigated once the criminal Obama regime is removed from office, as this is costing you money and it is criminal in what has been taking place.

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