Sunday, February 21, 2016

For Whom The Trump Tolls

Bell Tolls

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder about the losing team. See I have nothing to lose in having nothing to lose, in what I do here. In it is not like the elite are going to kick me off the board as CEO of Poverty Inc. There is though the reality of someone like Lindsey Graham or Matt Walsh in betting on the wrong team of Rafael Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush, when Donald Trump is President.

Mr. Trump has a history of generosity to those who are kind to him and visiting retribution on those who wrong him.

Take for example, Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump when it mattered. Donald Trump will not forget that, no more than Donald Trump will forget that Matt Walsh whored for Glenn Beck who is a whore for pimps Big Koch, who are funding Rafael Ted Cruz......another not so bright assaulter on Donald Trump.

Think of it this way for a Senator Lindsey in the gay ear Graham, the third nipple of John McCain.

Now John McCain has bucks from his wife, but that money is due to a dealership in distributing booze, linked to the mafia. John as a rich guy might find it might not matter in what Donald Trump does in primarying him, but what about Gay Ear Graham?
Lindsey might think his few million might be a good buffer, but what if like John Edwards the Justice Department of Obama decides to remove him to a federal jury on charges in court costs to bankrupt him?

There is the oft quoted story of the little political pimp who decided to attack Howard Hughes for war profiteering. Mr. Hughes got his revenge in the guy was eventually removed as a political aid, and no one anywhere would hire him. The last that was seen of him was he was begging for a job in Washington.....and then he disappeared.

That is the reality in this is, that some little piss ant like Matt Walsh, working for whore Glenn Beck, being paid by Big Koch, thinks they have it Erick Erickson of Red State. What happens though when Government contracts get cancelled for Koch. What happens when Koch finds like Bill Gates under the Clinton regime, facing countless charges by the regimes around the world, and bringing little Bill to heel, in he had to put everything into a charity fund.

You have a nice brick house, a kid, a bit of a fan base, and the next thing you know is your Beck is red faced sweating, and telling you, that you are fired. Next thing you know, is stories appear about plagiarism and being a shill for the elite...........and then the IRS is auditing you for the past 400 years, refusing to talk to you, and fining you for your nuts and the soul of your child.........and in all of that no one wants to hire you, and Anontard keeps hacking your webpage and putting up porn.

That is what happens when you bet on the wrong horse. David Patreaus found out about this, in he became a threat to the establishment in disrupting the Hillary and Jeb 2016 he had some skirt problems and ended up being destroyed. You think you got more going on in your lives than David Patraeus or John Edwards?
How about Tom Daschle? He was Senate Majority Leader, and he bet on Obama, and was singled out for retaliation against Obama, and now is forced to try to overthrow elections in South Dakota........where his criminal acts have failed again, so he is in oblivion.

So that is the lesson in for Whom the Trump Tolls, because you see, like Obama, Donald Trump is going to have friends......maybe like the Lame Cherry, who is going to remember Matt Walsh as I remember the treachery of Peggy Noonan. Others like Carl Icahn might remember other things, and think, "Gee maybe I want to own Koch Industries" and voila he owns Koch Industries, just like Lehman Brothers got ate by the Obama crooks, as when you are on top, it is amazing what the friends of the ruler find in their Christmas stocking.

I am not saying that Donald Trump is going to retaliate, but you know Rush Limbaugh puts on those Cruztards all the time, saying things like the Trump voters know nothing of the issues and are all glam, and that really is someone in Justice who is offended, decides they do not like those things having been said, and next thing you know is, that name is on a No Fly List, and all of a sudden the FBI is interested, and all of a sudden the IRS is wondering about those bank accounts and tax deductions, and you really get popular in ways you never dreamed.

Donald Trump might be a nice guy and does not hold grudges, but there is always that 1% who just has a woman's scorn, and is going to visit wrath on them at the most inopportune moments. You know how girls can be in getting other wives and girlfriends talking to their manfriends, sugar daddies and husbands? If you do not, then perhaps you will.

I would think it would be a bit hard to walk back the Matt Walsh political assassination articles and the Lindsey Graham attacks, but then I suppose posting a confession about being a suckingcock whore just might be a start, as bringing down and outing your boss is often the type of offering which is accepted to at least keep a suckingcock out of prison where Vaseline up the ass is your occupation in life.

Look at Marco Rubio, he is a brilliant politician on his knees, in you do not even see the dust on his knees or the callouses on his lips, as he just does things right in taking out the competitors and leaving the man of destiny to do his own fighting.

All of these whores against Donald Trump, think that they are safe in the brothel, but they mistake associating with powerful people who own them, but the whore is never the one who makes the decision, she is just the cum dump or as Matt Walsh is defined as, Cuckservative.

The time to make nice with Donald Trump is last month. Banking on the Jebcavers stealing the election and that the American People are going to not retaliate this time, is not very intelligent. The Ammon Bundy Patriots are the tip of the iceberg in this.

Being a paid whore has its price and payback is always the worst when a new regime comes to town.

Nuff Said.