Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Bretzing Pogrom

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It is of interest in the Oregon Patriot incident, that those who cheered the murder of Ammon Bundy, might ponder the thoroughness of the crackdown, as I have not witnessed this type of "cleansing" since ever in America.

This has now degraded from targeting LaVoy Finicum for assassination and the political prisoners of the Ammon Bundy Group, in not allowing them to escape to Grant County, but a round up of all things named Bundy, and now the one thing which has stuck in the craw of this police state from the beginning, and that is the elected County Sheriff is thee sole power in protecting the people.

We know this last part really threatens the police state, due to the research in the frame up which has been engaged in against Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer.

It has taken a few weeks, but the same political stooges who appeared in Soviet and Moa states to denounce their leaders, when a new leader was looking to decapitate all resistance, have now appeared against Sheriff Palmer.

Those behind this have really constructed an intricate frame up. They moved a group of stooges to denounce the Sheriff, and in complaints now heard in the State of Oregon, the State will strip the Sheriff of his certification, and in Oregon, he can then not be Sheriff.
All of that is unConstitutional as elected officials can not be made to have a certification like being trained in CPR or having a gun permit or having insurance, but that is the really clever research in Oregon. The cartel can destroy the last protection of the people against the regime, it is simply removed by a few political stooges, most anonymous democratic employees or their family members no doubt, and the democrats will railroad the Sheriff's certification nullification and voila, you have another stooge like in Harney County handing Citizens over to assassination.

What is amusing in this, is this quote in all the spies reporting on Sheriff Palmer from inside the system, and how they were all so worried.........according to the recited talking points about the Sheriff to damn him.

"Sheriff Palmer's blatant disregard for the potential consequences of pushing his personal agenda over the safety of the general public that he is sworn to protect is at the very least an ethical transgression," she wrote.
She described how dispatchers were concerned when they learned Palmer was heading for the roadblock set up by Oregon State Police near Seneca in Grant County to stop traffic from getting to the shooting scene farther south.
"Glenn Palmer is viewed as a security leak, not only by local law enforcement staff but by the Oregon State Police and FBI," she said.
Luttrell said that when Palmer advised he was heading to the roadblock with a passenger, dispatchers assumed he was taking a militiaman with him. Luttrell said dispatchers warned state troopers at the roadblock of that possibility. In fact, the passenger was Grant County District Attorney Jim Carpenter.

What these dispatchers were pissed about, is the endless calls in support of Sheriff Palmer for doing what he was doing for the Bundy Group.

It is not damning on this dispatcher group calling Sheriff Palmer a traitor, that they were reporting on him to state police as the state police was murdering LaVoy Finicum, and the Sheriff had the District Attorney with him to see that the people were protected.

Call this the Bretzing Pogrom, it is thorough, and know this for all who cheered the terrorism against the Americans in Oregon, that this kind of thorough will one day be visited upon them. This is how they did it behind the Iron Curtain, and this is a reality that this group is going to destroy every County Sheriff in America who is not serving the police state.

They came for the Patriots, came for the old folks, and now they are coming for the law enforcement.

That should give you a warm and cuddly feeling as law enforcement is now eating their own.

This though is not the first time pro Patriot Sheriff Palmer has been a target of the cartel. "They" have been after this Officer before the Oregon Stand Off was ever known.

BREAKING: Pro Gun Sheriffs Hit With White Powder Envelopes- One Hospitalized

Sheriff Glenn Palmer is taking a stand for sheriffs and local rights.
Sheriff Glenn Palmer, Grant County, Oregon, was hospitalized after rash developed from opening an envelope with white powder.
One Sheriff hospitalized, several more on high alert after suspicious envelopes with white powder were discovered in mail.
Glenn Palmer, Sheriff of Grant County and outspoken gun rights supporter, has been hospitalized after rash developed on his skin after opening an envelope filled with white powder.
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