Monday, February 1, 2016

DDT Cures the ZIka Virus

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry again calls upon the next Government of these United States to declare war on insects, specifically mosquitoes and kissing bugs, which are spreading deadly diseases from West Nile, Chagis and now Zika virus.  

CNBC5 minutes ago

There is no reason, nor need for babies to the elderly, to our horses to be dying needlessly from these natural and manmade viruses. Zika is rumored to be a genetic experiment on mosquitoes in Brazil gone wrong.......again.

Our world used to be a place of plagues and is becoming one again. What stopped this, was the Americans who developed DDT, which was lied about as an insecticide, in order to  breed these plague diseases again in order to kill off people by the cartel genocide machine again.

DDT never harmed any nest birds, snakes or people. The military used to douse everyone with that powder and no one got sick, unlike all these modern poisons. The Jews in the Nazi work camps were all full of lice when things broke down and the Americans doused them with DDT too, and saved their lives.

In that, I call for once again the massive spraying using C  130 planes as in Vietnam when they sprayed the herbicide Agent Orange which was a poison that affected people. DDT though is perfectly safe, and we need to dust EVERYTHING from the Nebraska to New Jersey line south in the United States, every island and all of Brazil north.
This will save millions of lives and keep the western peoples from becoming a plague carrying species in their blood.

I call for every hotel to be dusted to end these damn bed bugs and more to the point, to make it mandatory to DDT dust WEEKLY every invader which Obama let into America, or they will be shot on sight as plague carriers.

Those Mexicans have that flu in their lungs which they are immune to, but are coughing that snot out onto chickens and vegetables in Americans are catching this and dying in a week. I have covered that story here exclusively in breaking it, so will not repeat it, but the entire point is that America needs to save itself from these nits and douse everything with a healthy dose of DDT, and repeat it often.

For those morons who are alarmed over this, just know this in your cities, the reason you do not see insects or are bit by mosquitoes is because you are being fumigated non stop. They will tell you they are safe chemicals, but until I see someone eating that on their Cherrios I will demand the return of DDT to effectively destroy these plagues.

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