Monday, February 1, 2016

Now Ted Cruz is inciting Spirtual Warfare

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I find Ted Cruz as much a demagogue as a Catholic condemning a writer at the Federalist of a  Nasty Cruz, and not getting it, that the NASTY part was not the Scripture in Ephesians, but that Ted Cruz is the one who said IT WAS going to get NASTY.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) told volunteers ... he believes the Republican presidential contest will be decided in the next 90 days, but warned them to get ready for a nasty ride.


I no longer believe the Cruzlings who remain are sane or rational. You can go to any site, and they are in the name of Cruz casting the first mountain slide at Donald Trump, his supporters and anything else which moves in their Fire and Brimstone, as they scream non stop that the proven frauds of Ted Cruz do not matter.

Ted Cruz is beginning to remind me of Jim Jones. For those who forgot the history or were not around for it. Jim Jones was a guy who liked slapping Jesus onto everything in his peoples temple. His dick found it's way into allot of women, and he ended up in Guyana, where he liked looking like he was in the CIA, as he created the infamous GREEN KOOL AID that many of you have heard quoted, because as Congressional investigators closed in, Jones murdered a Congressman or something on plane at the airport and then fed green kool aid which was poisoned to his followers and they all committed suicide.

jim jones

I do not believe that someone cool like Powers Boothe will play Ted Cruz, because so far all he has been able to do is force his wife Heidi, to contemplate suicide and some very nasty people to commit suicide.
Honestly, I think that little weasel, Special Agent Gregory Brezling, should have had Ted Cruz voters under siege and shot them, instead of LaVoy Finicum, as the Cruz voters are turning into the worst little political terrorists in having supplanted the Ron Paul voters as being the most obnoxious trolls on the internet.

It seems to me that the Ted Cruz voter is a mob who likes probably carving the name Jesus or HAY SEUSSE on their guillotines or like going to Jesuit confessions on Saturday night mass to get their date drunk and rape them later.

If you need this explained, there is a vast difference between Donald Trump carrying his Mum's Bible around or Ted Cruz invoking Born Again themes, than Ted Cruz suddenly becoming a  "christian" and making himself the ONLY christian in this political race, and everyone else is of the devil.

Apparently the Catholic apologist for Ted Cruz missed the Ephesian lines of:

that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil

above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked

Quite in context, quite faux martyr complex, and quite the thing that the Jewish elite do, to control Jewry in making them think that everyone is out to get them.

How does it feel for Ted Cruz to not only threaten you with your voting record by mailing it to your neighbors and teaming you if you do not vote for Rafael Cruz, that you are the wicked in league with the devil?

I can attest in knowing the Bible, that Moses nor Jesus ever said to spy on people, mail their voting records to others to blackmail them..........but then none of that makes any difference to Ted Cruzlings as their kook aid drinker is not only a pariah, but is become the leader of such an offensive group of outcasts who are equal to what democrat voters think of DailyKos commenters.

I would have to observe Ted Cruz a bit more in a lab, but Rafael the demagogue is approaching not just delusions, with a Jim Jones complex, but a layman assessment that Ted Cruz is cracking under the pressure. As Obama became the faux messiah, Ted Cruz has become the faux martyr.

It is now fiery darts of satan to expose the lies of Ted Cruz, the deceptions of Ted Cruz, and the untruths of Ted Cruz.

The Christians in America had better be very careful in crawling under the alter linen of  Ted Cruz, because the Obama followers who crawled under the messiah robe, destroyed themselves. Ted Cruz is giving Christianity a very bad name, because in his Bible quoting he is showing to the world, that the only people left that Ted Cruz can sucker are the christian zombie.

Gun owners, Patriots, Veterans, Farmers, Businessmen, all the foundations of the GOP and all rejected Ted Cruz, so all Rafael has left is........Christians to try and sucker.

That is the reality, and it does not say much if this group can not spot the anti Cruz, because the coming anti Christ is going to be the politician Ted Cruz is grooming himself to be.

......and no I am not saying Rafael Ted Cruz is the anti Christ..........he is not that intelligent.