Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dealing with our Friend, Kim Jong Un

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

OK so I am forced to educate the world about Kim Jong Un again, as we hear about Super Bowl fly overs (Kim did not want to pay for Dish, so he put up his satellite to watch the game, throw back a few beers and not that American football cheerleaders are not as hot as Mrs. Kim Jong Un.) and Dear Leader is now restarting his plutonium reactor, as like the word PUSSY shows up about Ted Cruz at Donald Trump rallies, the North Koreans call image Obama a PUSSY.

OK so the Americans and Japanese threatened to shoot down Kim's ICBM satellite launcher, and failed. That looks pussy, and is pussy.

So let us have the Popular Girl solve all of this.

Kim Jong Un's Dear Leader Grandfather was stalemated with Chicom help in the Korean War of Harry Truman, as Truman would not let the great leader, General Douglas MacArthur nuke the Chicoms, who got China when Truman abandoned China Chiang to the commies.

There never was a peace treaty, just a ceasefire, and the Kim family has wanted one thing all along, and that is RESPECT without Aretha Franklin.

I have question of you now in, "Who does Kim Jong Un try to be like?" I mean does he dress up in little Peking robes or does he have on cowboy boots? Does he try to look like a Khan on  rug or John Wayne on a horse? Does he invite a ping pong Chinaman over or does he invite Dennis Rodman over?

Yes Kim Jong Un wants to be an American as do all North Koreans.

In fact, Kim Jong Un, just wants to sit down with an American President, not a fondler like Bill Clinton or a bower like Jimmy Carter, but someone who is really in the White House as an American, and not a Birther. Kim Jong Un wants to be with the big boys, smoke some cigars, drink some whiskey, be asked the tough questions like is a Japanese woman better in the morning, afternoon or at night........and what are the merits of mixing a Cantonese and Cambodian for a behind the green door experience.

Kim Jong Un is a man, and you just need to invite him over to Tokyo, introduce him as Keith John Unitus, have the crowds cheer him, throw in some fireworks, dancing girls and bring along Vladimir Putin, as everyone loves Vladimir Putin, and next thing you know, Keith will be shooting the chandeliers with the John Wayne Colt 45's the Americans gave him.

Keith John Unitus is doing what all leaders do, in he is getting attention by his technological accomplishments in H Bombs........he has that, so now he wants a Plutonium H bomb, to prove he is in the big boys club. I mean you let in the turban heads of Iran who scream allot and that old  turd Fidel Castro, it is like Kim looks around and says, "What the hell is this? I have better manners. I am not an old turd. Why the hell is image Obama not treating me with respect?"

Oh you mean bragging about nuke deals and sending missiles to Cuba, pisses off other leaders who want to be on the stage too? Yeah I know it is a surprise for shit for brains Obamites and John Kerry, but the things that go on in this world, get noticed........and your stupid Obama Kerry Clinton policies are going to get a reaction from a real leader like Keith Unitus.

So I return to the start of this in Lame Cherry Doctrine. You send in someone from America who is trustworthy like Franklin Graham. No deals, just a first offer that America would like two things. The first is to send garden seeds so the North Koreans could grow their own food, along with pressure canners and canning jars so they could keep their food.
The second is, America wants to build in every community a Church, where the monks could teach the people how to grow things, build things, and if they had surplus, bring it to be sold, and the revenues returned to the village to help progress the village as in lights etc...

I would also have Franklin Graham, deliver a letter that the American response to H bombs was returning neutron bombs to South Korea, and that the same neutron bombs will appear in the Mideast as Iran misbehaves.

In stating that, America then invites the North Korean leaders, Vice Marshal Choe Ryong-hae, and, Premier: Pak Pong-ju of the military and government, to the G 20 summit as America's guests, as a form of Big Brothers and Big Sisters, to discuss economics, trade and security, with a special invite to Ri Sol-ju, the wife of Keith John Unitus, to fulfill the role of Jackie O in charming world leaders, as she is an accomplished Unhasu Orchestra star.

The Obama Regime created a disaster in rewarding terror state Iran nuclear weapons, and then did not comprehend that North Korea would demand the same respect, along with billions of dollars in payments. This must now be rectified with the adult foreign policy, that North Korea is Kim Jong Un, and must be dealt with respectfully, as Kim did not create this disaster, but it was a series of incompetent leaders from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama.

America needs to engage in humanitarian things, without any spying or intrigue in gardens and Christianity. America must arrange a stage for the ambassadors of Kim Jong Un to bring respect to the Dear Leader.
America will not accept nuclear weapons and will respond with placement of nuclear weapons to neutralize their appeal.

Kim Jong Un wants to be an American, so help him fulfill his dream. The Lame Cherry advocates that under the auspices of close friend, Dr. Henry Kissinger, that he approach President Vladimir Putin of Russia, to begin a series of meetings in St. Petersburg between North Korea and America, with allied signatories, including South Korea, to sign a peace treaty concerning the Korean War.

Advance this reality, with a first out of public view closed door meeting between an American President and Mr. Kim at a Putin retreat, and see if a peace treaty will be enacted. Give the North Koreans a bigger prize to protect than nuclear bombs, and let that reality form.

Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin are more American in mindset than Birther image Obama. Obama is Muslim Indonesian and Kerry is French Jew European. It is no wonder that ignorance does not understand two American brains in Un and Putin.

I will not explain the nuances of this in public, but this is the only direction other than nuclear genocide on the Korean Peninsula which will progress this to where it needs to be, after this Obama, Clinton, Kerry, Powers and Rice klustefuck up Jarrett's ass snatch has created this foreign diplomacy disaster.

It is time the adults begin American Foreign policy, over this cartel policy of war.