Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jeb Bush AKA The Clitoris Cupcake

The Sloppy Second

It puzzles me how the Ted Cruz voters, Marco Rubio voters, and now the Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina voters, who have all been assaulted and used by Jeb Bush, do not seem to realize that he is the dispicable problem of all that is wrong with the GOP in these cut throat billionaires.

I am going to explain this all to you, so it hopefully sinks in.

Jeb Bush leaked to politico that his strategy is now to destroy, as his exact words were SCORCHED EARTH in South Carolina, in wiping out John Kasich and Marco Rubio. The reason Jeb Bush is not going after Ted Cruz at this point, is that Bush with the billionaires are using Cruz like a knife in the back to assassinate Donald Trump, by bleeding votes off of Mr. Trump.
For those who think this is great as it is against Mr.  Trump. Just know that your time is coming, because observe what just took place in New Hampshire.

Jeb Bush had  Chris Christie stab Marco Rubio in the back during the debate, painting him as a robot. New  Hampshire voters rejected that ploy and who suffered? Chris Christie and the voters who backed him, as he is out of the race.
Christie was called to do the dirty work, as when Jeb tried it, Marco Rubio bitch slapped the boy.

John Kasich was an early attacker of Donald Trump in being brutal. He gave that up for a positive message, and New Hampshire rewarded him. Now for that, he has become a threat, and Jeb Bush is going to go scorched earth on him.

The same with Marco Rubio. Rubio was just fine as a tan skinned boy on a leash to bring in Latin votes in Florida and to Jeb, but once Rubio became his own man, and backers, then Jeb Bush went scorched earth on him.

The Scorched Earth line is important, as this comes directly from Jeb Bush, and we know this from the work of David John Oates in Reverse Speech. Mr. Oates caught Jeb Bush in referring to Europe that it was going to be "scorched earth". That is a Nazi ideology and it hearkens back to Prescott Bush being involved in Nazi banking in World War II. There is something being planned by the elite of Europe and Jeb Bush knows damn sick what it is, and it involves apparently a conflagration of a war with Vladimir Putin and the battleground is going to lay waste to all of Europe.
That is what is planned, and Jeb Bush has signed off on it, as certain as he using that genocide term on Republicans in South Carolina.

I desire you to understand something, as you have to get this point on these billionaire backers.  There is NONE of them who are independent. There is none of them who "backs Jeb" or "backs Marco" or "backs Cruz". This is a cartel of rich people like Bohemian Grove is at the forefront and they decide who their choice is, and then they each bankroll the stooge to make this look like an election, when it is all designed to feed Mitt Romney to the Obama regime.

That is what was behind the Iowa election fraud. I mean look at what happened to Scott Walker and Ben Carson. Both were frontrunners and both were sabotaged by their handlers. I will explain to you how this works, so you understand.
When Ted Cruz goes into some fag Billionaires cocktail party, he does not tell them what he wants. They tell him what they expect to have him do, and then inform him, for that huge donation, Ted is going to put people on staff who run his campaign.
Those handlers are the ones who sabotaged John McCain and Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, and they are the ones who whisper to Ted Cruz to commit election fraud, and Cruz being arrogantly intellectual thinks he can get away with it, but this is a crime, and Ted Cruz is going to have it brought up later and he will bend over for it.
The same reality is Marco Rubio. He stole the Iowa election on E vote fraud using Microsoft software. Rubio is not that genius, but had a handler approach him and convince him this was the way to win, and now the cartel own Rubio.........they did the same thing to Newt Gingrich and that is why he is still jumping through hoops for the elite sounding odd.

This is the way it works. Hillary Clinton was informed of that in 2008 to bend over. She has been told she has the cartel's backing, but there is an experiment with Bernie Sanders to see if America will elect a card carrying communist instead of closeted community organized Obama. The cartel is always up to a test of the public in what they think they can get initiated. They would not be running Sanders unless they knew Americans had been so degraded, that they would not even comprehend  that Bernie Sanders is an end to private property ownership in America.

So this is what perplexes me, in I can see all of this, as it is plain to see. Yet people are so emotionally charged in feeling helpless in this Obama regime, that they are voting for communists and crooks like rabid animals.

My message for the Rubio, Cruz and Kasich voters is to bury the hatchet, and to make a deal with Donald Trump for a way into his Administration. Cruz is so pariah now that I  do doubt that he is going to be hired by even his Goldman Sachs when this is over.
Cruz is a tool, as the pro Cruz Super Pac is run by Mitch McConnell's attorney, Eric Lycan,  so you get this in Cruz is the insider and stated he is there to inherit Trump voters, but those voters detest him now for his crime and sliminess. So Mr. Cruz is a no show in this, but the Cruz supporters who are Tea Party faithful, I am speaking too as much as Evangelicals.

In the Art of the Deal by Donald Trump, there is a point when you are going to either end up screwing yourself like that old bag in New Jersey who tried to blackmail Mr. Trump in selling her house to him or you are going to be the person who sells to Mr. Trump with a share in Trump Industries.
What I am telling you is, Donald Trump is your future so stop attacking Mr. Trump online. Go after Jeb Bush as Jeb Bush is coming after you in scorched earth. Work it out in your minds that your candidate is not going to win, because they are not, as Jeb Bush is going to destroy them, and if by God's Grace I can move this to a Donald Trump victory, I am not going to forget you nor will Donald Trump, as he rewards people who are supportive of him.
I am not a member nor do I work with Mr. Trump's campaign. I am just informing you of the reality of where this is going, and how this is going to be played out in cut throat bitch deals.
I told all of you from the start of this that my objective is to keep Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton out of the White House. After the garbage Ted Cruz has pulled, I will never vote for him as he has proven as duplicitous as Marco Rubio, and has proven as establishment as John Kasich.

When Mr. Trump is President, I would have no problem with Chris Christie as Attorney General being unleashed, provided with Mr. Trump's pro gun leadership, Mr. Christie was kept in check.
I have no problem with most of these people running, keyholed in a Trump Administration, but as I stated Ted Cruz has gone too far, said too much, and is a lying crook, that he is finished. That is where you Cruz supporters had better understand, that your Tea Party candidate is Sarah Palin, and she made the right choice and that all of your policies are going to be represented by her in the Trump Administration.

I want all of you, to flatten Jeb Bush. I want you to beat his ass, taint his smarmy name, so none of those creatures ever rise up to be a problem for America again. We have learned what a backstabber HW was and still is to Reaganites. We have learned that George W. who governed America with evangelical directions, had the sub operational groups of HW destroying Conservatives so Jeb could run. I mean, my God in Heaven, HW released a book trashing W and his Administration, all so Jeb could look better in the public's eye. This family will eat it's own for a favorite son, and it is going to eat you, eat your Ted Cruz and eat your Rubio, because they ate bigger Republicans like George Allen and Mitt Romney and got away with it.

So I am speaking to you as adults, and to grow the hell up. Stop being emotional about this, and assess this as your lives depend on it. Your candidates are going to be destroyed or defeated. Reckon with that reality. The time is now to cut a deal with Donald Trump, so his protection will cover you as you work for YOUR VALUES and not for these frauds who have conned you, like Mr.  Cruz. I will remind all of you that Ted Cruz in Reverse Speech stated he was a CON MAN.
I am not asking you stop fighting for what you believe, but to turn everything you have against the establishment and Jeb Bush, and put his scorched earth to the swamplands in South Carolina. Forever make him the 4th place loser with absolutely no delegates.
And if you still have to vote for you person, which is making this precarious for all of us, then make blessed sure that you are responsible for your vote and make certain that your delegate votes for Donald  Trump at the convention and is not part of another damn coup plot in Ted Cruz signing over those delegates to Jeb Bush to be Secretary of some pissless department, where in 6 months Cruz is up on charges and in jail, as Jeb gets rid of him and you.

Now you know the agenda in this of the cartel. I am asking you to vote for Donald Trump, an to defend him, even if you are voting for whoever, and to follow it up with a lambasting of Jeb Bush everytime. You do not get to sit on your asses enjoying yourselves if you are not signing on for Mr. Trump yet. You have to work just like I do, non stop, and putting out every fire, even when you have a headache like I do, even when your nerve is pinched in your spine like I am healing from, and even when you are tired, you keep on, as this is the last opportunity America has.

If you make this easy for Donald Trump, he will make it easy for you, and you will be able to enjoy all of this. Make it hard, and you are going to be to blame, and in a few years with Mexicans and Muslims raping your wives and sons, you can explain to them why your asstard thinking was so right in bringing this all down on America, in allowing the failure of Jeb Bush to destroy the last chance at a free election in America.

You stick it to Jeb Bush, and give him a side order of Asstard to Go.

........and you tell me which candidate in this race looks like a clitoris cupcake? It is Jeb Bush. Probably is his Secret Service nickname...........Reagan's was Rawhide, and Jeb' is "Clitorus Cupcake has left the building".

Nuff Said.