Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Give us your Poor

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In this era, it has become gotcha to hold up little Muslim children to Donald Trump and try to make him look beastie for not wanting to import these little savages to America, when American children have 95 million parents out of work due to the Obama Super Depression, while Obama imports more Muslim and Mexican invaders.

The Lame Cherry is going to teach you something in this lecture which is going to slap you in the face with reality, sicken you, make you realize how you have been manipulated, and reveal to you how you were brainwashed to believe in something noble, when it was absolutely murderous.

All of you have heard of the lines, "Give us your tired, your poor", your whatever, and associated it with the Statue of Liberty, another symbol you have been told to be proud of by the French.

Do you know who wrote the "Give us your tired"? That would be Emma Lazarus of New York, who just happened to be a long line of Sephardic Jews who were established in America. Before you go nostalgic in your "Jewish victim" conditioning, understand that this propagandist penned that poetry, not for Americans, but for Jews to pave their way from coming out of Europe.

Do you know why Jews were coming out of Europe?

What some of you will say is persecution, but do you know why they were being persecuted?

Some of you will probably answer with the brainwashed response, that it was because it was they were Jews, but religion had nothing to do with it. What it had to do was a series of assassination attempts on the greatest ally America ever had, in Czar Alexander II of Russia.
For those ignorant of history, two great emancipators were in the world in the 1800's. The one was Abraham Lincoln in ending slavery, and the other Alexander II who freed the Russian Serfs.

That will be news to many of you, as this has all been censored, as much as the fact that Alexander II saved America from British and French invasion during the American Civil War, by sending the Russian Fleet to protect America by standing off shore.

If one reads old western books, you will notice in the General George Custer and Colonel Bill Cody memoirs, references to the Prince of Russia, in America and being a special guest on hunts. The reason was, that America had immense political ties with Russia, and it has all been hidden for a reason.

Now we return to the "Jews" of Europe which you have been conditioned to believe were victims and persecuted without reason. We return to why these Jews were fleeing Europe, as this all began in a series of Jewish led revolutionary assassination attacks on the American ally, Czar Alexander II of Russia.
These Jews were murdering the Russian leadership in Poland in numbers, were rising up in rebellion which had to be put down by force by the Russians, and this all culminated on March 13th, 1881 in which three heinous assassins appeared in Russia,  with 3 bombs.
The first bomb blew up the bomb proof carriage of the Czar. Alexander II left the carriage, and at that moment, a bomb was thrown at his feet which detonated, blowing his legs off, blowing his stomach open, and inflicting upon him mortal injuries.
The last bomb was not necessary, as the murder was complete.
The assassins Nikolai Rysakov, Ignacy Hryniewieki and Ivan Yemelyanov, are always listed as "Russians", but one has to dig further in this to know that Leon Trotksy who was Jewish, hijacked the Russian Serf movement to create the Jacob Schiff and Rothschild, Communist Revolution as Russians would never follow a Jew, and this is what was taking shape in the murder of Alexander II, in these assassins were members of a revolutionary group called Norodnaya Volya or The People's Will.

That is the cover which attempts to blame the Russians for murdering their leader who freed them, but the reality is the leader of The People's Will was Vera Figner, a Jew born in Kazan Russia in 1852. Figner was responsible for several acts of terrorism, including the planning of the assassination of Alexander II.

Gesia Gelfman was another Jewish leader of The People's Will and was involved in the assassination of Czar Alexander II.

It should not be a surprise that the Russian Pogroms or crackdown on revolutionaries swept through Russia after the murder or their leader, by his son Alexander III. These pogroms are propagandized to be anti semite, but the reality is, the Russian Government was protecting itself and it's population from this murderous revolution, which eventually did devour the world in the Jacob Schiff financed overthrow of the Russian Government.

The pogroms are constantly linking this to the Black Death purges in the Middle Ages, where once again Jewish enclaves were appearing in Germany, France, Austria, Poland, Russia etc.. and began lending money to the native peoples, exactly as the Federal Reserve did in America, and making slaves of the natives.
It was suspected that the Jews were poisoning the water supplies and these native peoples retaliated and burned these enclaves out. It was desperate Europeans, in debt, and dying, and they were striking out, and that is exactly what the Russians did after their leader was murdered.

We now return to Emma Lazarus in her "give us your poor", as it had nothing to do with Germans, Russians, Italians, Spanish, Irish, Scots, Scandinavians, but everything to do with the leftist revolutionary Jews in Europe who were engaged in making war on the native peoples and had just murdered Alexander the II, and the Europeans having had enough of this upheaval drove out the terrorists.

Lazarus was also a proponent of Georgism which is basically community organized communism, taxing land to confiscate it, and that all it produces belongs to the community. As in all "communities" like George Orwell's Animal Farm it is the leaders who benefit, and then engage in assassinating all who stand in the way. You might recognize this in what the Obama regime unleashed on LaVoy Finicum in Oregon.

That great propaganda poem of the Great Colossus was about a French regime, like all of Europe getting rid of all their murderous revolutionary dregs and dumping them into America, and the leaders of this programme were leftist Jews of the Rothschilds, and the poem of Emma Lazarus made Americans think this murderous trash was innocent, when it was guilty of murder.

What is lost in this is the reality that Alexander II freeing the Serfs, made direct competitors to Jewish interests. It was the Czars enaction of a new excise tax to replace the "grain tax" in Russia, which is what the Jewish interests were making profits off of, is what brought about the plot which murdered the Czar.

Two millions Jews were deported out of Europe, and ended up in America and Britain. This poem by Ms. Lazarus is what gave this entire process cover. Americans and British would have never held still for 2 million radicals being dumped into their lands, as an organized quasi religious sect, which was full of violence.
It was all shrouded in calling all of these Jews by the nations they were trying to overthrow.

It is not any coincidence that the two men who stood up to the European Aristocracy, tried to break Rothshchild finance, and deprived slave labor in America and Europe to this feudal system, were both heinously assassinated.

It is not any coincidence, that America in the 21st century has this same Obama propaganda pushing the importation of terror Muslims and Latins into America. It is this same dregs of the world, without any skills and religious zealots arrayed at the Christian foundations, and protected by the Police State.
If you examine this, you will begin to realize that in the American and Commonwealth wilderness, it required Caucasians to conquer it and develop it for profit. These groups have a history like Russians in standing up against tyranny, and is why the cartel is now engaged in replacing them with these violent zealots for the same types of murderous interaction which Europe was almost destroyed over.

Now you know the whole story of "Give us your poor" and the line which is being used by the Obama regime to try and get you to submit to the importation of another group of terrorists.

America in order to be saved is going to have to have the same Okhrana as Russia unleashed, which did not differentiate between terrorists with weapons or words. Vladimr Putin is engaged in attempting to stop the genocide of Russians, and if America has a chance it is going to take Donald Trump to stop the genocide of Americans.

If the American People were aware of how  they have been conned, in their Christian generosity, in the Statue of Liberty was used against them and the "give us your poor" had not one damn thing about American immigrants, but was cover for masses of secular leftist Jewish assassins, that the confusion they have about these Obama Muslim and Mexican terrorists might end that confusion, as Americans realize their goodness has been used to impoverish them, enslave them, and is about to genocide them.

Ignorance allows a people to be scapegoated and murdered by their assassins. You are no longer ignorant and have all the links to prove the above. Your Christian Virtue has been used to bring about your end. You have one last chance in Donald Trump in the West and your life depends upon it.

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