Friday, February 5, 2016


From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

It's been a long week.

On the Trump front: Trump had the primary stolen from him by the establishment with vote fraud through the Rubio auto-vote counters and the Traitorous Ted maneuver, the fringe big business groups have engaged in an assassination attempt by weakening a jet engine on his plane, the entire media is continuing this ridiculous character assassination chant on every possible point while assisted by all the trolls who hate this country, his poll numbers are continuing to be suppressed, yet he's still fighting as hard as he can. He needs prayers, even from those who are not thrilled about him, for his safety and for God to Use him however He wills.

On the animal front:
Mr. Peepers' feet are slowly decaying after almost being completely rejuvenated, but he is a sweet boy who makes soft trilling sounds and chook sounds to contribute to mealtime conversations. He takes the loss of his feet cheerfully and is learning to balance without them.
The big gray tom cat I had just named Tiberius died suddenly of some unknown malady, a blessing in disguise to the other cats that might have been driven off this spring. This brings the running total of our animals who have died for no good reason in the last year to the upper 30's.
Daisy and Baby Belle are continuing to be their playful selves. Daisy likes to toss her head and dance just out of reach numerous times while we try to put the halter around her neck until she decides she's had enough attention and runs into the barn, making the halter completely unnecessary. Baby Belle is healing from some scratches she received on her legs when she was being stubborn and not going where she was being made to go, which is not like her normal sweet self... we all have bad days, even cattle.
The goats we have left are healthy as can be, so praise God for that.

On the people front:
Mom's leg is healed and the thing that was on her cheek has not returned since we snipped it off, and we can't even see a scar where it healed! Thank you for your prayers.
LC is overworked and exhausted, but otherwise okay. Daisy kicking out in play and grazing LC's leg didn't help things today, and that's just a part of life with our favorite calves.
I am being treated with AC vinegar for a few moles that have been a scourge for years, thankfully the ones we worked on already have been burned off and am waiting for the new skin to replace the small reddish scars where the moles used to be that are healing.

That's it for now. God Bless the good.