Saturday, February 13, 2016

Donald Trump Dominates South Carolina Debate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have something to say about Donald Trump and it is important as I have been reading about those whiners who say that Donald Trump should not be outing George W. Bush for 9 11, because it would hurt him.

OK, let me explain things.

There are allot of voters who do not like George W. Bush, and they are crossing over to vote in South Carolina to vote for Donald Trump.

Even in a state which says it likes George W. Bush, Mr. Trump outing Mr. Bush does not transfer votes to Jeb Bush, because everyone hates this nipple headed little brother Jeb.

I started this out almost a year ago in telling people LET TRUMP BE TRUMP, and for all the keyboard experts now thinking they know how to run the Trump campaign and manage Donald John, I would state that you are a little late to the game, as your ideas would have destroyed Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is looking at the General election, where 70% of the people are not that fond of George W. and if you checked the GOP, 90% of the Republicans hate Jeb Bush. Combine the two, and you get the formula for winning.

Donald Trump explained correctly who Ronald Reagan was and is. I can tell ALL of you the fact that Ronald Reagan never wanted George HW Bush on the ticket and only offered it for Texas connections, and NEVER endorsed HW for President to replace him. The man that Ronald Reagan wanted, but out of principles did not endorse was the great Nevada Conservative, Senator Paul Laxalt.

So let us get these facts out there:

Ron Reagan jr. hated George W. Bush and said W was never a Reagan.....and by the gun grabbing, Teddy Kennedy education, nation building and crack whore spending, Junior Reagan was right.

Nancy Reagan never liked the Bush fam. She took great offense in the Bush line of "kinder and gentler" as it was a slap at the Reagan Conservative policies.

Donald  Trump pointing out the failures of George W. Bush, are the exact things which have pissed off all those voters who got screwed over financially, religiously and nationally by George W. Bush. If you want to look at all the problems America has, it is because W screwed over the electorate so Obama could steal the election, and George W. Bush did NOTHING to stop it.
Who do you think destroyed all the Conservatives so Jeb Bush could be the president? It was not Pelosi or Reid. It was Karl Rove and George W, with the HW sub operational groups who destroyed Sen. George Allen, sabotaged John McCain, ran off Sarah Palin and made a strawman out of Mitt Romney.

America has Obama, because of George W. Bush. That is the fact, and the other fact is Jeb Bush said we all have to be more like Obama than dead Reagan.

After that, let us just leave the Trump campaign to God and Donald Trump as they have been doing pretty well, except when things get stolen from them. I will do my job pointing out how stupid you are and putting out the Bush molotov fires and turning it back on them.
If all goes well, I can have an easier time of it in a bit, and then all of you can claim it was your ideas that made Donald Trump a winner, as you forget all your advice.

As TL said, you did see on CBS at the end, where Jeb Bush patted Ted Cruz on the shoulder to congratulate him for a job well done for Jeb, and Ted's body language revealed, that he submitted and Jeb Bush is calling the shots.

Yes you missed that.

It's OK, I was on the moon.