Sunday, February 14, 2016

Small Testicles

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

We were listening to the BeeGees the other day, and I was Inspired to simply note the obvious, in that if the Brothers Gibb, had larger testicles, they never would have been able to hit the high notes. For I doubt that "You can tell by the way I walk, I'm a woman's man. No time to talk", would have been a hit sung in Johnny Cash base, who had ample supply of testosterone for his male voice.

It seems a dichotomy, that the world benefited as did the BeeGees from small testicles. Yet we can see from the numbers of these Afroid crosses in America, that either there is too much testosterone in Bill Cosby or Birther Obama, and too little in Michael Jackson or whatever else.

It makes one wonder if the BeeGees would have traded all their fame and fortune, for large testicles. Johnny Unitus of the Baltimore Colts once f*cked a Super Bowl away literally, so one can debate the merits of large testicles compared to fame and fortune.
Is sex really a proper trade that one benefits from with large testicles, when small testicles allow one like Rush Limbaugh to supplement with cases of Viagra and a trade in wife every few years, for all of those millions with his testicle structure.

It is just the dichotomy of it all, in Johnny Cash did well with large testicles and the BeeGees did well with small testicles. For most singers like liberal John Fogerty, small testicles seem to produce a career, but a woman's scorn type in not getting along with band members, because their member is not infused with enough male hormone.
The Beatles had a great deal of this small testicle frustration and again, like the Eagles, the band broke up, while large testicles in Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones kept the band together.

I think I would prefer being a man without fame, than having small testicles. It is different though for women with feminine voices, as there are these butches like Hillary Clinton and Muchelle Obama, who have resident testicles pumping out hormones in their veins, as they become these shemales who the weak are drawn to and normal people flee from.

As one can see, the public likes males with small testicles, as the BeeGees did attract a huge following, as no one was afraid of the BeeGees in their small testicles and small amounts of testosterone. I mean it was not like their landing with a plane instilled the same horror that Erik the Red did with his Vikings splashing on European and American shores, a group of course with large testicles and large volumes of testosterone.

There is not that much that could be done about these small testicles, and people do become uncomfortable in discussing the subject as when one realizes that many of the leaders, many of the celebrities which people follow, have small testicles, it just seems to take away from the allure of the entire enticement, as small testicles just do not carry the weight that large testicles do, but big bank accounts tends to balance things out.

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