Saturday, February 13, 2016

Peyton's Manning

Forgive Peyton Manning as Women never want Sex or to be Looked at

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a smear campaign being unleashed by a black writer in the New York Daily News who somehow was sent court records, concerning an interaction between Peyton Manning, which started in Tennessee, with a female Athletic Supervisor there, named Jamie Naughright.

The reporter Shaun King wrote a very detailed assassination piece on Peyton Manning, which is classic "isolate the bad white boy and gang bang him with character witnesses of Ms. Naughright". In the article, there is not one person interviewed or quoted, supporting Peyton Manning.

All of this revolves around a redacted part of the court documents in a first meeting with Manning and Naughright, when he arrived at Tennessee. As we do not know that meeting, we do know Peyton Manning called her a "trash mouth" and in an incident where she was checking his foot for a fracture, he scooted down the table so her face was in his crotch, or more specifically her face was on this butt and the testicles were on top of her head.
This was deemed a sexual assault, and it was not. It was one of those things in some women would giggle and perform a blow job and others would punch him in the nuts and others would run off and file a complaint. all depending on if they were flattered or did not want the attention.

What I am interested in, is the forensic psychology of this, as Manning references her in going out with blacks, which is a huge taboo in the South yet today, and references to Naughright was showing up in dorm rooms and having sex with black athletes.
Naughright seemed the big breasted frigid type, in another staffer termed her a "cunt bumper" as in a lesbian. She claims she is not lesbian, with no reference to being bi sexual, but it goes back to the staffer in probably coming onto her and her rebuffing him, so that in the South means she was a lezbo.

If you read between the lines in the above, I would suggest that as Peyton Manning focused on her big tits and her vulgar mouth, that Peyton Manning in the redacted documents, came onto the older woman and she rebuffed him, not in a nice way, but in a way which degraded his manhood.
That was a big thing to a next superstar, and this most likely began a series of events where Peyton Manning being so degraded by this woman, that everything he heard and saw from her, was always the worst.

Trash talk about a big titted blonde, hanging out with blacks, brought the references to reinforce what was believed. I will make note that you have a female trainer who is touching horny young males, and erections do take place, and if the woman does not handle the situation correctly in diffusing it, it becomes a problem which spirals out.

This then lead to the ass in the face incident, which for all jock purposes, might have been a joke that is locker room, as this hazing goes on, as Peyton Manning states she wanted to become one of the boys. Thus treated like one of the guys, she goes off again in being a woman and reports it as sexual assault, when no sexual overtures were ever mentioned.

So spiraled then the star athlete who was saving Tennessee, dealing with his reputation being smeared over what a jock would deem with the same level as spraying heat on a trainer's balls for a laugh.

Naughright in Southern and sports icon terms, did the unthinkable in reporting this, besmerching the name of Peyton Manning, which infuriated the young athlete. So much so that the father and son, ghost wrote a book, and it was sent to Naughright in her new job, which cost her the job there, as this really grated on Peyton Manning.

The positive in this, is Peyton Manning having his clean image tarnished, that he went uber moral in making this his image to overcome what was being said about him.

Now though we have a sore loser in the New York press, as the black writer posted a picture featuring Cam Newton the loser with Peyton Manning, spreading this version to get the white jock who the NFL picked to humiliate the black jock in Cam Newton actually thought he was talented and the NFL was not just letting him win to bring black audience dollars.

 I display my big tits to prove I am a great Trainer

Shaun King mentions that Naugright was married, so I wonder where her husband was to kick Peyton Manning in the nuts or shoot him in the ass with rock salt for doing that to his wife. I know of a teacher whose wife was being nailed by a cop, and when he came home, the cop was crawling out the window and he shot the cop in the ass with bird shot. Oddly no charges were ever filed as no one wanted the story out.
That though is back in John Wayne days, and now we have a world that is women thinking that rubbing their hands on young men is not going to produce attraction, and then their feminist barbs are not going to castrate a young male, who then tries to make her one of the boys and she calls it sexual harassment, and it spirals out to hate mail, and now black racism going after white Peyton Manning, as Cam Newton did not have the talent to beat the old white guy, that the white NFL chose to reward for making them billions of dollars.

I have a solution for this, in let us just go back to not paying trainers anything, and then we will have those dorky nerds no one wanted to touch them as trainers.
Let's go back to the NFL playing football, in trying to cripple each other, and that way Cam Newton would have been taken out the first time he taunted a whitey team with his nigger team, so all the little black egos shattered by Obama could have something uppity about. That way Peyton Manning would have retired years ago on injuries.

That solves everything, and that way we can all stop this reading between the lines in character assassination in the innuendos that  all of these rich people are hiding behind for their axes to grind.

300,000 dollars for having Peyton Manning's testicles on your head would be something most people would think is a pretty good wage, as that is what the Naughright settlement was and it lasted but a moment. Numbers of NFL linebackers have had that same experience and they never received a cent.

The good news in this is Designer Negro Obama is putting women and men in closer quarters with homosexuals and record rapes, and now women are going to be drafted, so more of this will be going on as liberals just love this naked males and females in close quarters.

Peyton Manning just needs to man up and say, "Look I put my balls on her head. She didn't like it and I heard that she did with other boys. Enough other women have enjoyed my balls on their head that we had a good time afterward. You just never know with men and women. Have a few Bud's and none of this will matter."

What bothers this Popular Girl most, is for those who have a problem that they were suckered by the NFL into believing Cam Newton was a winner, and not just another Randy Moss invention, write about that, and leave the female nut kick of Peyton Manning out of this, as it is disingenuous.