Friday, February 26, 2016

Edward Snowden Confirms The Lame Cherry Apple

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Zero Hedge published the response of Edward Snowden over the FBI and APPLE intrusion and it matches exactly what the Lame Cherry has stated in the FBI already had all of these phone records and the reality is more sinister in the FBI wants to make Apple it's bitch.

In less street terms, the FBI is attempting to make Apple a Nazi ward of the Police State, as that is what it is, the FBI controls Apple assets whenever the FBI desires or the FBI drags them into court.

At this moment I am dealing with something else in bringing you this blog, in the links I followed came from the Jeff Rense site on two subjects, both involved the FBI. One was Apple and the other two had to do with the Bundy Patriots. A hacker has deliberately inlaid two trojans on these sites, which my software neutralized before they installed. Someone is quite interested in putting an open door into computers which are interested in looking at stories about FBI over reach.
The sites would be New York Times, Zero Hedge and FOX. One or two of these sites on these stories had the very backdoor trojan in them, that the FBI wants to put on Iphones.

Odd are hundreds of computers are now infected and broadcasting information directly to the hacker, and as all of these sites are sophisticated enough in software security, it means someone connected to the FBI in a special arrangement just infected numbers of computers.

I am  not going to put the links up, to save you from the infection, but just know that this is not going to be reported on any of these sites to the public, and that means one to two of them are directly cooperating with the FBI as this kind of virus should have been picked up by their security, so it was a deliberate imbedding of code.

Most important thing is, the Lame Cherry right again in matter anti matter, and you did not have to go to frosty spring Russia in the heroic Edward Snowden. Yes I do intend to make it an issue of Attorney General Chris Christie to not have the Trump Administration prosecute Mr. Snowden.

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