Thursday, February 4, 2016

et tyrannus sicarus

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If Donald Trump is not saved from the sabotage of his Boeing 757 in this cycle, the sub operational group behind this, is moving toward a second phase of attempts after the nomination has been secured in June, July, August.

I did not understand the inquiry as it was warm, dark, murderous, brooding. It was a deluge of will engulfing the matrix. It desires the outcome, but knew not the time.....only the event. It had willed if not this time, then another assassination programme would be unleashed on Donald Trump.

This is sickening, like the planned murder of LaVoy Finicum. It is a malevolent darkness which must have the Light of Christ shone upon it, to terrorize it into paralyzing fear.

Mr. Trump needs to get that Boeing gone over, the engines and wings, as I do not know how widespread this was in the weakening of that engine. He needs more security around everything, and he needs to have his Jewish billionaire family produce a contract that if anything happens to Mr. Trump, that contract will be carried out with extreme prejudice by their kinsmen.

Mr. Trump was not safe. In prayer, I effected measures, but I am off my game in being over stressed and exhausted. You used me up like child with a flashlight turning it on and off, and I have had no time to recharge my energy levels.

I am tired of this in always having to be right. I do not trust the inquiry now, and that is why it was blown, as too much information was coming out and I changed the time line.

Pam mentioned 750 dollar per month Obama premiums and what can be done. I do not mean to dishearten the good children, but each of you is going to have to change who you are in expectations. Each of you is nothing but a Slave ATM now to be worked to death, and if you do not keep paying fines to exist, you will become LaVoy Finicum, and if you stand up to it, you will be a target as Donald Trump is.
The biggest hit the  blog had was on the contracting the hit on Mr. Finicum, and it generated absolutely no donations. Jeff  Rense had on some tea brewer last night talking about "if something happens to Mr. Trump that the sheep will rise up as they are tired of being sheared".

I have two words for that in BULL SHIT. The cartel knows and I know, by the rats in the maze reaction, that 99% of you were either hiding under your beds being the cowards you are or you were too dense or celebrating what happened in Oregon, as you are malevolent group of predators, who are too dense in being triggered for that predator Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.
You morons will never figure that you are tools, in the Pauls were paid to lead you libertarian dolts over the edge and Cruz right on schedule has weakened Donald Trump and is being replaced by Marco Rubio in New Hampshire.

Which brings this all back, to the cartel knows that you are not going to do a thing, as each of you would rather exist than end up like the Special Feature, LaVoy Finicum.

So what you do, because if Big Billionaire and Big Pentagon end Donald Trump's life, as this is now mirroring the repeated attempts on John Fitzgerald Kennedy, just like Senator John Heinz jet was crashed, so that Conservative fortune could be seized by the widow of now Obama boy John Kerry.
John Heinz, John Kennedy jr., all threats just like Donald Trump, and all of their planes are knocked out of the sky, and all the 99% mutton did nothing, and will do nothing.

Beep your horns in downtown Burns Oregon, as none of you are intelligent enough to run any operation, and none of you could keep your mouths shut. So pretend you are Americans, pretend that you like Rubio and Clinton, smile at your law enforcement, and pay everything you think you have so you can have the privilege of not being ass raped in prison or shot to death by the police state you buy bullets you say your prayers in silence, because God sent Moses and the Israelites rejected him, God sent Jehu and the Israelites rejected him.
God sent Donald Trump as thee last chance America has to be revived, and all there is, is billionaires spending hundreds of millions of dollars to politically assassinate Mr. Trump, a bunch of disgusting Cruzlings cheering about crimes which have aided the cartel for the assassination phase of Mr. Trump.

I do not mean to crush your wills, but you have to double down under the burden laid upon you.  You are going to have to carry it, or you do not keep what is important to you in your gilded cages. It does not matter to the rich, because they are not robbed enough yet, but for me my cage is Daisy and Baby Belle, the dream of having a place and going off grid, so TL and I can look after Mom and await for what is coming, because this entire menagerie is being designed to collapse and for billions to die.

Ted Cruz is not going to be taken out, as Karl Rove is knifing this no poll troll to oblivion.

The only hope you have for Donald Trump is that this latest situation has been exposed, so that a competing interest is going to now use this against that sub operational group as that is the leverage.

What do I know as the Prophet is always insane in Israel as the wisdom of the brats of this world is always justified in their ignorance.