Monday, February 8, 2016

Even the Trump Podium Scares

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You do realize that when Ted Cruz was illegally dumping his homosexual money pac into Carly Fiorina's campaign, that Fiorina was to attack Donald Trump in taking him out in that Megyn Tampon staged event, and Rafael Cruz the Canadian, was going to name this minder from intelligence as his Vice President right?

The intrigue of the GOP is worse than Hillary Clinton now. Then you have Chris Christie sent out to take down Marco Rubio, so Christie will be Vice President to Jeb, as those darkies in Cruz and Rubio have shown absolutely no loyalty to the Bush family.

Ron Paul who has always been a minder for the elite, he came out to take out Cruz, as Cruz was a threat to Jeb Bush......not Donald Trump.

Then there is Ted Cruz, stealing elections in Iowa.

Ben Carson, funded by Herman Cain's intelligence backed pac.

In all of this, I want people to keep something in mind completely, and that is the reality that when this GOP primary is done, the elite will have spent 500 million dollars to defeat Donald Trump.
Do the math in Jeb Bush squandered 100 million dollars before the primaries even began. There were two fag billionaires who pledged 100 million dollars each, and if you add up the Cruz shady money, and all of the other "pac" money, you are tallying up half a billion dollars to try to subvert the will of a majority of Americans in the right and left, all so Jeb Bush can be positioned to steal the 2016 primary, and lead the GOP to a landslide defeat against democrats.
Seriously, Jeb is deluded in this, he honestly has gone nuts or for a clinical term, Jeb Bush is psychologically deranged, because he thinks like Ted Cruz in narcissism that somehow if he just gets rid of Donald Trump, all those people are going to vote for him and love him, just like they do Donald Trump.
It never occurs to Cruz or Bush, that the more people find out about them, the more Americans detest, loathe and hate them, and Americans will never vote for them as they have had enough of HW Bush attacks on Americans and being told that Reagan is dead, and that we all have to be more like Obama.

Do you realize if these fiends on the "right" had invested half a billion dollars in promoting Donald Trump, that he would be having 80% approval, and the GOP would sweep to a 75% control of the Congress.

You should start to figure something out in this, in your hysterias for your candidates, in why in this world is Donald Trump the man that half a billion dollars is being spent to destroy him?

Before Mr. Trump, it was only amnesty, and that included handing gifts out to Mexicans Ted Cruz, in we were told that nothing could be done.

Before Mr. Trump, we were lied to in being told that nothing could be changed, that our jobs were for Asians, that Muslims murdering us did not mean it, and that we were all to be rationed death.
After Mr. Trump, there was no more of that Jeb Bush and Rand Paul, 'winning' without the GOP base, and you could win with liberals. Suddenly Ted Cruz was for booting Mexicans out of the country, and suddenly Ted Cruz was Evangelical as he was promising fags in New York that same sex marriage would stand as it was not his priority.

Donald Trump forced everyone to the right, including Bernie Sanders, the Mr. F 35 fighter Pentagon billions flowing into Vermont, and left Hillary Clinton shrill on the extreme left.

The People of New Hampshire have got to fix what Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio did in election fraud in Iowa, and that is voting for Donald Trump.
The People of New Hampshire have got to fix what Jeb Bush and Chris Christie did to their states, because do the people of New Hampshire want their state to be a shit hole like New Jersey or a debt hole like Florida?
Chris Christie is a gun grabber in one of the most notoriously federalized states in the Union. Let us not forget that Chris Christie was walking hand in hand with Obama and got Obama installed into a 2nd election theft in 2012 for the Presidency.
Let us not forget that Jeb Bush, in 2008 told everyone to become liberal Obamites as that is where Jeb was leading us, and that is why no one in America wants anything to do with Jeb Bush.

500 million dollars is being spent to keep the only American leader from winning by American votes. Iowa has already been overthrown. It is up to New Hampshire, poll watchers, and audits of e voting to make certain the massive Trump majority does not disappear in Microsoft programming and mysterious voters showing up for Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz and Chris more voters voting than New Hampshire has people.

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