Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Evangelical Means to Spread the Truth of Christ and not the lies of Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am most upset about Ted Cruz stealing the Iowa election, because I was supposed to have an easy week in order to recuperate. The FBI was not supposed to have murdered LaVoy Finicum, and everyone was supposed to be going to Grant County Oregon for a peaceful protest against the seizure of American private property.

Instead Special Agent Gregory Bretzing created a snap plan to crack down on the Bundy Group, before they could get out of his legal jurisdiction, and  Rafael Ted Cruz had to go and steal the election from Donald Trump and Ben Carson.

See I was telling you that the cartel had this all planned out in Iowa. Donald Trump was to be weakened by Ted Cruz. Glenn Beck was supposed to cut Ted Cruz's legs out from under him in that silly oath theater on stage. Microsoft E voting was supposed to steal enough votes for Marco Rubio, to come in second.
Ben Carson was supposed to come in third with 10% and Rand Paul was to come in a strong 4th with 7%.

This was then to set the stage for New Hampshire, in Rubio again coming in second, and a strong Ben Carson going into South Carolina to glean that black vote, so again it would be Trump and Rubio..........but Ted Cruz has to go and pull one over on the Rockefeller and Bush families, in sending out a fraud alert that Ben Carson was out of the race, when all Carson and CNN said was he was going home to change clothes.

This is criminal what Senator Ted Cruz did again, and he ruined Rep. King of Iowa, who took this up in lying, as Cruz has been promising King the Vice Presidency on a Cruz ticket......until Cruz stabs him in the back as that is what Ted Cruz does.

I honestly can not comprehend the derangement now of Ted Cruz and his Cruzlings. Ted Cruz is now alienating Donald Trump voters so they will never vote for him. When the Rand Paul voters figure out that Cruz's deception cost Mr. Paul the poll numbers to stay into this, so he could glean enough delegates to be Sec. of the Treasury, they will never vote for Ted Cruz.
Marco Rubio's people are never going to vote for Cruz in they way Cruz has slandered Rubio.

Then there is Ben Carson, the black man, the man Red State and Ted Cruz banned from their debate, and the black man that just had his victory stolen from him in Iowa. That is the black vote, which in South Carolina one needs it in the South and one needs it in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania to win.
The point being, take away Donald Trump's voters in 41%. Take away Rand Paul's 7%. take away Rubios 20% and Carson's 20%, and you end up with 89% of the vote not voting for Ted Cruz with 100% of the Democrats not voting for Ted Cruz.
That means Ted Cruz in the general would get like..........8% of the vote to Sanders Clinton 92% of the vote and the GOP wiped out in both houses. That is what losing looks like.

Understand I was supposed to coast in gaining energy back this week, in just pointing out the problems with Marco Rubio, but now I have to work some more exhausted. It is not that I am going to have to continue on with this alone, as everyone now hates Ted Cruz, and his people will be sabotaging him in his advisers even more, because those who rig elections want Rubio as Number 2 and not Cruz anywhere, except down by Jeb Bush.

I believe the voters of New Hampshire will again rise to fix the anarchy which comes out of Iowa. They will look at this in fairness and figure that Ted Cruz, the Cancubian needs to be administered a woodshed lesson, and send him down to the single digits.
Rush Limbaugh the former Cruz man, could not blather and foam at the mouth enough today about Marco Rubio, as that is who Big Koch wants.

I am hoping that the Rand Paul loyalists in retaliation vote for Donald Trump from here on out. Mr Trump is very generous with those who support him. Sarah Palin will probably be Energy Secretary and Rand Paul could rule Treasury if he would just get an education from his supporters.

Frankly, the idea by God's Inspiration came to me this week in I do not want Marco Rubio as VP, but how about Marco Rubio and Rick Santorum on the Supreme Court? Two young, intelligent, gifted political minds standing up for life, guns and Americans for another generation.
There is a Judge in Oregon who I have an eye on too, who served under Nixon appointees, is arch Conservative and Mormon, who would be a world class Justice on the court too.

I am putting these realities out there to bring the GOP home, to expand the base and sure it up, as Ted Cruz has shattered the GOP base and is in charge of a fiction of the Reagan Coalition, as democrats hate him, blacks hate him, and WASPS hate him, and when Evangelicals have the Mark of Cruz upon them for the sins they committed with Rafael, they are going to abandon him too in shame.

I am an Evangelical  Christian, and evangelical means to spread the Truth of Christ and not the lies of Cruz.

- Lame Cherry

Shame on the Evangelicals of Iowa for abandoning Trump, Carson, Santorum and Huckabee. Shame on them for creating this national sin and embarrassment.

It is up to New Hampshire now to save America in the Beware of the Ides of New Hamsphire as I warned of long ago, because a people abandoning God's chance at saving America, is not going to be helped by God when the enemies foreign and domestic come for all of us, as they are already here.

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