Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ted Cruz calls himself a Con man

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David John Oates most recent reversals in Iowa for the GOP. Again Donald Trump is genuine and deeply loves America. Sarah  Palin is a fighter. Marco Rubio is looking ahead, and Ted Cruz, has some extremely perverted reversals.

Ted Cruz is talking to Iowans about his daughters in not wanting to look them in the eye about losing America. In reverse speech, Cruz says:

YOU molested a con man. (VERY strong on the YOU, in blaming Iowa voters.  Ted Cruz feels either the innocent contact of his children or the innocence of voters all coming into intimate political contact is molesting him or he was molested by his billionaire backers in bringing up Rubio's numbers (TL observation). It is a literal bedfellows discomfort.)

Cruz at the very least admits he is a con man, meaning every damn thing he is telling his followers is a con. As for the molested part in connection with his daughters is simply creepy and disgusting.

Cruz speaks about ending Obamacare.

Break it up. (Cruz does want to break up Obamacare. That is different from ending it. Break it in pieces and keeping it functioning in pieces for his billionaire backers.)

Ted Cruz speaking of himself as a conservative.

"An anchor lie", Ted Cruz admits his being a Conservative is not just a lie, but the anchor lie on which all he is, is based upon.

Morning is coming.

We shall not do it. (This is gutteral with passion and sounds like a demon is stating it.)

In speaking to the military people.

Their ghost is their Mum. (This is an odd reversal even in figurative in stating the US military is a ghost.)

Speaking of himself as president.

They deserve the battle.
  (Speaking of Americans in deserving to be fought.)


Donald Trump's reversals were , Wake Up America, We Love You, and a rather colorful reversal in telling Sarah Palin to sign some posters with him after she bashed Obama, in which Mr. Trump says of Obama, "He is a f*cking a**hole."


Marco Rubio had two reversals.

New Hampshire we shall see you in the morning.

"An omen"

Speaking of the Supreme Court being controlled by more liberals being appointed.

"Nobody fed their wolf", Odd reversal as a wolf is a powerful predator, but is strange in Rubio is saying that liberals will appoint more liberals, in liberals are wolves preying on society as no one has fed their appetites.


Sarah Palin speaking of Donald Trump leading and commanding fire.

In reverse she says, "I am a pistol".

Quit footing the bill for oil terror nations.

"He'll win it" He meaning Donald Trump


Bernie Sanders the socialists, says, "All these evil DEM around me", as the democrats are evil. Sanders calls Obama's regime "snakes in not helping us now".......and says YES EVIL when he is talking about Hillary Clinton email crimes.


Hillary Clinton talking about herself says, "I'M EVIL". This woman is constantly confessing how absolutely evil and criminal she is. She never stops.