Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How to Broker a GOP Convention Theft

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I desire first to explain something which most people overlook, and that is Donald Trump is a very intelligent American, and he has hired very intelligent and gifted political operatives, so things are not going to surprise Donald Trump which the GOP elite have planned, as you have heard Mr. Trump quote that line "The GOP promised to be fair".

The GOP has not, but that is not the point in this, as Mr. Trump is speaking about something much more and it is about delegates in how a Republican gains the nomination at the RNC convention.

Sandy asked a question about this, and it will help all of us to understand what is really taking place, as we watch Hillary Clinton and  the DNC cheat Bernie Sanders out of delegates when Sanders wins states.

Hi lc, something's been bothering me for awhile. It's an uneasy feeling I have about "the delegates ". I live in tn and the repub party is corrupt for the establishment rinos. I wanted to get on the ballot to become a delegate but missed the deadline. Anyway i know several "connected" people who are on the ballot( some have declared candidates and some not. ) i think we're being railroaded, i fear trump may not have "the ground game" - this is apparently what the establishment republicans call ignoring the candidate who gets the majority of votes in favor of their delegates who will vote for the rinos...the Nashville tea party head just endorsed cruz. I'm going to early vote tomorrow, don't like this feeling,  and would love to know your thoughts. Thanks and hi to tl. Warm regards,  sandy

The following is who the election process works with delegates in if you remember watching the convention, most of you have witnessed your GOP Governor or Congressional Representatives announcing who the delegates will vote for.

In contrast to the Democrats, Republicans allow their state parties more flexibility in determining how they allocate their convention delegates. Generally, there are three types of allocation systems that Republicans use: proportional, winner-take-all and hybrid systems. The Republicans also have three types of delegates: congressional district delegates, at-large degates and Republican National Committee (RNC) members.
Republicans assign three delegates to each congressional district in a state; how strongly a district has supported GOP candidates in previous elections does not impact the district's number of convention delegates. Overall, there are expected to be 1,305 congressional district delegates at the 2016 Republican National Convention.
Each state is assigned at least 10 at-large delegates. Additional “bonus” at-large delegates are awarded to a state based on various political criteria. A state with a Republican governor, a United States Senator, or majorities in the state legislature may be allocated additional at-large delegates. The same is true for states that were carried by the Republican presidential nominee in the previous election.

I realize this is a great deal of reading, but it is important to understand the process in what Jeb Bush is saying will be used against the winner Donald Trump, and what Donald Trump has been promised will be a fair process.

All 168 members of the RNC are automatic delegates to the national convention. The 50 states, Washington, D.C., and the U.S. territories have three RNC members each. Depending on the rules of the state (or territorial) party, these automatic delegates may or may not be allocated and pledged to the winner of the state’s primary or caucus. Most states allow their RNC members to decide for themselves which candidate they’ll support.

This is the last of the quotes for you to deal with and then I will explain all of this in what Jeb Bush election theft is about.

In a proportional allocation system, states award delegates to candidates based on the proportion of primary votes or caucus preference votes they receive in congressional districts or statewide. The threshold a candidate needs to cross in order to win delegates varies from state to state. Often, if a candidate exceeds 50 percent of the vote in a state or congressional district, that candidate wins all of the delegates at stake. States that conduct a primary or caucus between March 1 and March 14 must allocate their delegates with a proportional system.
In a winner-take-all system, all of the state’s district and at-large delegates are allocated to the candidate who wins a plurality of the primary vote or caucus preference vote. States are permitted to hold a winner-take-all contest after March 14. A state can allocate all of its district and at-large delegates based on the winner of each congressional district and the statewide vote, respectively.
A hybrid system can combine different aspects of proportional and winner-take-all systems. A state can also allow for the direct election of delegates, in this case, voters cast ballots for individual delegates who may or may not be pledged to a presidential candidate. States that do not have a caucus preference vote send their delegates to the convention unpledged. Those delegates decide for themselves which candidate they’ll support.

The thing to remember in this is "ground game" and Jeb Bush saying that Donald Trump hijacked Jeb's party. You see the delegates are an insiders game. As you can tell from the above that the party loyalists are the ones who get picked, like Mitch McConnell or Nikki Haley, who are establishment.
The major wonks and party donors pack this delegate group too. That is what Jeb Bush has set this up as, after Romney screwed the pooch in the convention was rewritten. It is why Bush billionaires put forward all these candidates to balkanize the system.
It is how Jeb hopes to run this as I have stated, in the two tan Bush proteges in Rubio and Cruz, are to do the bleeding of delegates. Then at the convention, they will be forced to combine against Trump as all these other super delegates or party insiders fall in behind, and Jeb will emerge as the "honest broker" with whatever tan skin wins.........I make it Rubio as Cruz is fracturing more each day. Then Jeb would be picked as Vice President, and Rubio would have a bullet in his head in the first year and Jeb would be president by Francis Underwood design.

That is what Jeb Bush has been told and promised,  but the cartel lies to everyone.

If the GOP steals this from Donald Trump, as we have already seen vote suppression or flipping to suppress the Trump landslide, then this moves to a Marco for VP 'for the good of the party'. The cartel believes it can leverage Donald Trump, in offering him the nomination without problems in a deal.
I know that Donald Trump already has his cabinet and VP chosen. The way he had two Supreme Court nominees ready, means  that Donald Trump has every position already thought out, vetted and filled.......and if Rubio was not the choice, then I do not believe that Donald Trump would accept any offerings as he told them to stuff it before when Mr. Trump was being wiped out.

The GOP has a tradition of in the states, in not being whores like Nikki Haley in teasing the Bush family, while she knew from day one that she was going to pick Marco Rubio as she was told to, and her political position in Washington has already been offered her.
What I mean by that, is most of the delegates in the GOP are people like you, and not traitors. They can be pressured, but the tradition is the winner gets the delegates no matter what Iowa votes in being scammed by Ted Cruz.

It is why in this I keep  telling all of you to speak of the 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump. That does not mean threaten people, but just to make it a talking point that if someone thinks they can steal this election from Donald Trump, that 40 million loaded guns will appear when Donald Trump tells them to march.

As Oregon propaganda has proven, arm a few Mormon geezers, and the entire federal system goes into hysterics. Make it 40 million guns backing Donald Trump, from Law Enforcement, Military, Security and every facet of every political party, and those plotters are going to get very nervous and assess that they will instead find a way like with Ronald Reagan, to use Reagan's good policies against the people in order to progress the agenda until some Bush or Clinton reaches political puberty, which is about Jorge Bush and Chelea Clinton's age in 2024 AD in the year of our Lord.

All of you must understand that this election is going to be different, as it is the last election you will ever have, or the first election you will ever experience, since Ronald Reagan. It is going to depend on Donald  Trump the leader, in deciding what he is going to ask you to do. If you vote for Mr. Trump in mass enough in the 60% to 80% range, this obliterates Bush electioneering and moves this to shattering the Clinton crime family.

It is going to take the reminding of the delegates that it is Mr. Trump or You Tread on Me, and you do that by talking, posting and chatting. I do believe the delegates can be bullied at the convention and herded, but I also believe that Donald Trump will not lose there nor in the general. as Mr. Trump will not allow this election to be stolen from him.

If South Carolina works out as I believe it will, I will try and post something about all of this, to show you how brilliant Donald Trump is, which everyone has missed.

As for now, realize the real game in a vote for Rubio or Cruz is a vote for Jeb Bush, and Bush fam will put a bullet in them. Thee only chance America has is a massive landslide for Donald Trump to make this a clean and quick victory. The Cruz supporters are going to have to content themselves with Tea Party Darling Sarah Palin in the Cabinet as Cruz and Beck have ruined themselves. Rubio might make a number of slots, but I do not desire him as Vice President, but he has acted civil up until now as the insider darling, so the Cruz and Rubio people voting for Donald Trump will gain all they hope for in their candidates and more.

At this moment, I believe Cruz is crumbling and Rubio is picking up some traction, but the real story is Jeb Bush is crumbling to oblivion as is John Kasich.............and the shocker is, the soft Bush supporters who were voting for the name, are trending toward Donald Trump, as they have heard Donald Trump, and Mr. Trump has changed their mind.
George W. Bush was the albatross around Jeb Bush's millstone around the neck candidacy.

Delegates in time will be reminded about doing the right thing by Mr. Trump, from his campaign, this blog, the Conservative Treehouse and other Patriot outlets. Jeb Bush will discover his silver spoon has that tarnish flavor in time.
Just remember this.........a year ago before I began this, Jeb Bush was the uncontested despot. Now he is Mr. 4th place sliding to 6th place loser, who has to try and ride the tan guy's votes to not be President, but to be Vice President, so Jeb can grassy knoll the tan skin.
Donald Trump has carried us a very long way out of the abyss. Just stick with him and by God's Grace we can ride him out to the light. It is not going to be Jeb Bush rolling over, but we rolling over these frauds, one battle at a time.
We keep at this every day and give Donald  Trump a bigger platform to operate from to intimidate the traitors to submit. South Carolina has to follow New Hampshire. Nevada is on task to be another victory. We do our jobs, Mr. Trump will do his job in directing us when the time comes.

Nuff Said.