Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tedsus Cruz Disavow Glenn Beck NOW!!!!!!!

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I am so pleased that Mormon Glenn Beck has weighed in on the assassination of Anton Scalia, as the family and supporters have not been through enough, for Jeff Rense can now place the blame on the real murderer of Justice Scalia, as Glenn Beck named Him, in it was God.

Yes God murdered, assassinated, suffocated, grabbed the old man's heart and squeezed the life out of  it, like a kitty in the pound, all for Ted Cruz.

That is what Glenn Beck has now issued as a Cruz policy statement in being Cruz's number one backer, who yesterday accused Ted of being Jesus or the Anti Christ...........

Say there sister, last time I looked in the Bible, that Jesus character was the One Who was doing all the creative and heart stopping things, so it appears Glenn Beck the Mormon, is saying his Tedsus Cruz took a night off from the campaign, went out to West Texas and assassinated Anton Scalia, as Jesus says that He and the Father God are Glenn  Beck is telling all of us not that God murdered Anton Scalia to show how important it would be to put another foreigner into the White House, but that Ted Cruz is the lone assassin of Anton Scalia.

Personally, I am ok with all of this, as now the FBI can indict Ted Cruz on murder chargers in assassinating Anton Scalia, so Tedsus Cruz could further his political career.
Granted Glenn Beck is in Texas, so I do not know  if Glenn who likes to think he is God, actually is the one who snuck in and murdered Anton Scalia, or if he was holding the pillow while Tedsus slithered in.

In any event or assassination, besides being in as poor taste as Obama in choosing golf over the Justice's funeral, we have Glenn Beck telling the Scalia family, that their God murdered their loved one, so Ted Cruz could be in the White House as a foreigner........or that Tedsus is the one who murdered Anton....or it might be  that Glenn Beck discerned what Ted wanted, and being in  Texas, Glenn Beck drove over and murdered Justice Scalia, as Glenn Beck apparently knows what is on God's mind........the only one who knows what is on God's mind as no one else is saying anything this heinous.

I am reminded of Matt Walsh attacking Donald Trump. Of Jeb Bush attacking Donald Trump....yet no one says a thing about Glenn Beck, and if you have noticed Ted Cruz has not distanced himself or disavowed himself from Glenn Beck in stating God murders people, so Ted can be President.

Apparently Ted Cruz believes that too, that God murders people so Ted can look good.

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