Friday, February 5, 2016

I Weep for the West which was

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You Americans and peoples of the West, you are a base and deviant animal
overflowing with wickedness, so great that when God sends a deliverer,
in Donald Trump, you try to assassinate him and ban him from you lands.

You are a base and deviant stock, who are without bounds and can not
even keep your own borders secure. You are reprobate and your only hope
is a Jehu to whip you into a semblance of mankind, made to stand on your
hind legs, or you will be forever in the bondage of the beast of burden
you are.

You work, and you have not. You welfare and you desire more. Yet the
only desires you have are wantonness for the Love of God is not in you.

Like at Horeb, you fashioned yourselves a false messiah, and turned your
glory into blasphemy. You are people destroyed for a lack of knowledge,
and the knowledge which you worship is apostate.

You are a carnal people, not bathed in natal blood, fresh from the
virgin daughter's womb, but you are a carnal people, anointed in th
excrement of sodomy and the butcher's blood of aborticide.

You are a beast led to genocide by your owners, for you have sold
yourselves to debt in your indulgence and the modesty which you display
is that of a whore.

You are lawless and you have nothing but lawless leaders. Where they do
not lead you astray, you push them to greater depravities. You speak of
the sins of Sodom. The sins of Hitler as you holier than thou cries, but
the reality is that Sodom and Hitler have been justified, for your
degenerate and murderous ways are the greater abomination than those you
condemn from antiquity. You are sin. Your god is currency and that is
why debt is your cruel master.

God gave you the Way to Life, but you aborted that Way and took for your
nations the way of death. The Love of God is not in you, but the lust of
yourselves is.
You are corrupt and there is no remedy for you. For storm does not make
you repent. Terrorism does not make you repent. Invasion does not make
you repent. The murder of your few saintly leaders the Lord raises up to
bring you to the greatness you claim you desire again, you cheer when
they are slaughtered. You call the Prophet insane and being so brutish
you do not even recognize the identity of what you are.

Shall a sour apple tree produce sweet fruit the next season? Shall a
rabid dog be cured next week and be kind? This your malady Americans,
you are a kind, a disease, a leopard which can not change your spots,
for you are in the practice of sin, and the masters of it.
You are ignorant, arrogant and base, from Sidney, to San Francisco, to
DC, to London, to Paris, to Stockholm, to Berlin, to Rome. You are a
people aged in sin, and have not become a vintage sweet, but are rancid
past your days, and nothing but pure poison.

You allow your regimes to steal your lands. You allow your regimes to
import Muslim and Latin slave labor to replace you. You allow your women
raped by foreigners. You allow your children to be murdered by invaders,
and all you are is the revelation in a stock which is trained to bleat
and bawl, for God does not matter to you, nor does the Liberty He
bestows to worship Him in living a moral life.

You are sickness, you are disease, you are a plague, you are a pandemic.
The peoples of the east look upon you as disgusting carrion to be
removed, and they arm themselves to that end, while your aristocrats
seeking to be their own immortal gods, seek a war which they can not die
from, but a war in which you will be the carcase of the land.

I care not for you. I would care for you if you were my cattle or my
pets. I would care for you if you were my cabbage in the garden, but you
are not mine. You are satan's own and you have willingly put yourself
into that bondage and fight to remain in that cell.

Do not think you are Godly. Do not bother me with your sinful
righteousness. You will have a Lord Christ at the Judgment to be
disposed of then, for now is your time of doom. I care not for you, but
I weep for the West which was.

Shall you assassinate your last hope? Shall you like the shark eat it's
own guts and keep devouring them in a circle as they pour back out from
them? I know you will murder yourselves as that is what you do each day.

The Lord looked upon the land and could find no deliverer. In time, He
raised His Almighty arm, and by that delivered a remnant, for that is
all that was left.
Blessed be the Lord God of the Christian. Bless we His Holy Name. Bless
We His Christ. Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is Good and His Mercy
endures forever. Amen and Amen.

This Witness is complete.