Sunday, February 14, 2016

Islam Teacher of Terror Caliph

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When General Nelson Appleton Miles made a tour of Europe to observe the Greek Turkish War in the late 19th century, concerning Christian Crete, the American noted the reality of the Islamic Caliphate and the fact behind an Islamic army.

These same facts are as relevant today in the world of terror Islam, which is no different than the murderous and raping hordes of the Caliphate.
This is the reality of what makes Islam out to be a great terror religion. Now are you going to believe the General of the United States Army in the 19th century looking after American interests, or are you going to believe the oil terror propaganda of the Bush and Obama regimes?

What I saw of the Turkish soldiers in Constantinople convinced me that they are among the most effective in the world.

There are many reasons for this fact. In the first place, the Turks are a strong race, accustomed to hard labor, and consequently are easily molded into enduring soldiers. They are all Moslems, and their religion has three elements which contribute largely to their soldierly qualities.

First, it teaches them to believe in an absolute despotism; second, it enforces simplicity of life and strict temperance; and third, it promises them unending pleasures in heaven as a reward for their endurance on earth. The long term of service required of the Turks adds, of course, to their effectiveness.

Miles, Nelson Appleton, 1839-1925. Military Europe

What is termed Turkish, are peoples from all over the Ottoman Empire, and not one race, with irregulars formed into cavalry units.

You have before you the reality that Islam according the General Miles teaches absolute dictatorial power, severe existence and your rewards for suffering come from dying. Exactly what modern Isalm indoctrinates it's terrorists with.

General George S. Patton observed that Islam was the greatest retardation of advancement of peoples in the world. The fact is that Islam has only advanced when helped by Western Christian teachings in Field Marshall Von Moltke and the Americans changing Saudis from tent dwellers to skyscraper dwellers.

Every time you hear the bullshit that Islam is the religion of peace, you just remember an American Commander of the United States Forces in the 19th century told you exactly what Islam is, a terror religion of indoctrination.

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