Sunday, February 14, 2016

Something We All Can Agree Upon

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There is one thing we can all agree on now, after the South Carolina debate, and that is we all hate Jeb Bush.

We  have seen Jeb Bush trying to look presidential, and we hate him.

We have seen him being snarky, and foul mouthed at Donald Trump, and we hate him.

We have seen him hating on Latin Marco Rubio and Canadian Ted Cruz, and we hate him.

We have seen Jeb Bush low energy and we hate him.

We have seen him trying to look like a throbbing clitoris and we hate him.

We have seen him with his Mum and we hate him.

We have seen him with George W. and we hate him.

This hatred we all agree upon is not just us in America. You have not seen the psycho Bush children.............they hate there poppy Jeb too.
You have not seen the Bush cousins or siblings.......they hate Jebby too.

The only people who seem to like Jeb Bush are the ones obsessed with Jeb Bush like George HW and Babs. I think though with them, it is like the parents who have the special needs kid like Obama, in HW would trash his successful son George W to try to make Jeb look better in a book, and then Babs has to hit the girls like Sarah Palin for being better than her multiplly retarded Jebus.

It is so bad that even Jeb Bush appears to hate Jeb Bush, as he lists himself criminally as Hispanic, when the only Latin in him, is a taco he ate.

Jeb Bush is a first step as a unifying force, like Obama is a unifying force in no one likes that fraud either. Everyone hates Jeb Bush. It is now political sport to make fun of him, ridicule him and throw tomatoe verbiage at him, as he is what everyone thought Kim Jong Un was going to be,  but Kim turned out to be a right fine General killer. Jeb though seems more adept at killing invalids in bed like Terri Schiavo or having Chris Christie show up to beat up Marco Rubio.

Even on Eminent Domain, Jeb Bush is guilty in the Bush fam in Maine, W. in  Texas with his baseball team, and now word has leaked out that while he was governor, Jeb Bush threw some disabled Navy Seal out of his house and property in Florida for a Jeb Eminent Domain project.

Jeb Bush can not lead America, because America hates him. He is not going to be anywhere near any of the other candidates Administration as they are either calling him a liar or they hate him too.
You probably missed it last night, at the end of the debate, but it shows how absolutely vacuous Jeb Bush is. Bush has been lying about, politically assassinating and simply being an ass to Donald Trump for months. Donald Trump takes such things personal as any normal person would. So as everyone except Cruz and Bush gathered around Mr. Trump to shake Donald John's hand, Mr. Trump was cordial, but he was not going to stand around waiting for Jeb Bush to walk over and be a prick again, so Mr. Trump just walked off the stage as he always does to be with his family.
At that moment, you could see Jeb Bush shrug his shoulders in surprise.

Jeb Bush does not realize that he has made an enemy of Donald Trump, and over 70 million Americans now who support Donald Trump. Jeb Bush has not figured out, that his billionaire fag syndicate are furious he wasted their money and their time, and he has absolutely no cover. Jeb Bush has not figured out yet that Donald Trump is going to be in charge of thee entire Government of these United States, and all of the Bush Sub Operational Groups are going to be managed by Trump people, and all of that power is going to vanish. Jeb Bush is about to find out how many people Bush fam cheated  and pissed off, as when the 40 years of Bush fam intelligence work starts coming out, the Bush fam is probably going to have to scurry off to Paris in exile.

Jeb Bush does not have this figured out yet, but I think it is dawning on George W. that Jeb has ruined the Bush name and is very close to ruining two Bush President legacies, as Jeb Bush has obliterated all of his protection and his little Bohemian Grove group and Skull and Bones is going to curb kick that entire family, when a better deal comes along and Donald Trump will be that deal.

It almost makes on want to feel pity for Jeb Bush, but after his being terrible, doing terrible things and acting terribly, it is like watching the killer bunny, stunned when it discovers it is surrounded by junk yard dogs, and all of his cover has been sold to the Chinese.

So perhaps, we can all agree on one more thing, now that we all agree we hate Jeb Bush.  We can agree that we will probably be sorry when this moron finds out he is naked, but we will not be sorry when he is gone.

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