Wednesday, February 10, 2016

LaVoy Finicum Autopsy

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The mystery autopsy of LaVoy Finicum by the Oregon State Police, is something that the State Police are releasing to the public, having been punted to the Harney County "information office" which I was given the number for as published here, but was for a number in Eugene Oregon, and, the FBI has not released this information which should have been made public from the start, as it is in every high profile case.

The family of Mr. Finicum, has paid for another autopsy and it has been completed. They are now awaiting for the State of Oregon and Federal Bureau of Investigation to release their report first. The family's Attorney, Todd MacFarlane at Mr. Finicum's funeral, addressed more of this issue.

What is going on here is, the Finicum family have evidence, and as this is going to a civil trial, the devil is in the details........meaning if the Oregon State Police botched this autopsy, it means a cover up, and two competing autopsies would get the Medical Examiner investigated and involve an investigation into a cover up.
Everything is in the Finicum's favor in this. They do not have to release anything, and it has more value if the reports do not match. If they do match, then what it does is simply confirm that LaVoy Finicum died from a series of gun shot wounds. The video points to murder.

One thing is being overlooked in this, in these unsubstantiated salted reports that he was shot 9 times, and there would not be an open casket funeral, when there was, is a reality that LaVoy Finicum was alive and moving on the ground, after being shot.
We know for certain that whatever law enforcement there was, was engaged for 10 minutes terrorizing the occupants of the pick up in flash explosives and bean bag gun firings. As you probably do not comprehend this yet, and it is why the Lame Cherry is here in matter anti matter is the reality that no shots were fired from any of the Bundy Group, no weapons brandished. Those involved in shooting at Mr. Finicum were exposed and had absolutely no fear of anyone, including why not secure Mr. Finicum as is protocol, to at least secure that "weapon" he was said to reach for, as he was moving and no one knew for certain if he was dead, or would revive and endanger officers?

You are still not getting this, so I will explain. John F. Kennedy with that massive head shot, lived for several minutes. LaVoy Finicum was shot in the head with what is assumed is a Full Metal Jacket 223 or bullet smaller than a pencil tip. This was like driving a nail into a person's skull, and people do live in nail gun accidents to recover when treated. Again I am pointing out, that in civil or criminal case, if the autopsy concludes that LaVoy Finicum was alive for minutes after being shot, and if medical assistance could have been administered promptly as it should have, he might have lived.

Failure to administer medical care is negligence and is at the least manslaughter by the FBI and  the Oregon State Police, and whatever other agencies were dragged into this by Special Agent Gregory Bretzing.

A Civil Case under these conditions is worth over 100 million dollars, and so brought out in court, would trigger a criminal investigation of the FBI by itself in Internal Affairs.

There is far more going on in this than brainless morons at keyboards spinning this. An autopsy is more than just concluding cause of death and record of trauma, it is a document which assesses viability of life to that point of death.
That open casket means a great deal, in a small caliber bullet entered Mr. Finicum's skull, and did not shatter it, nor deform his face. That means that Mr. Fincum's brain was not destroyed by impact or hydroshock, and is a reality of one reason Mr. Finicum was lucid enough to still be attempting to surrender as he was simply stunned, and would have benefited from medical treatment.

In short, the FBI and Oregon State Police, through the lengthy diversion on assaulting the people in the pick up, provided negligence for Mr. Finicum to bleed out or succumb to wounds. It is legally no different than a cop shooting a black kid in Chicago in the gut, and standing there eating a donut while the kid bleeds out.

That is what the autopsy of LaVoy Finicum holds in it, if one looks at it from the vantage point of a living LaVoy Finicum to a dead LaVoy Finicum as all are focused upon. Run the image through your minds of what you saw, LaVoy Finicum was moving on the ground, meaning he was lucid and alive. We have a series of confirming accounts which states he was being shot at while on the ground with hands raised when he should have been administered medical attention.

This is the issue in this in negligent homicide by the FBI.

As I type this, the FBI has now brought in what I predicted in armored vehicles. The operation is now to introduce the same type of fiery nerve agitation gases as at Waco which burned up little children in mass. There will be flash grenades in volume and more Americans in Oregon assaulted and perhaps murdered, as that FBI badge makes this all legal.