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LaVoy Finicum: The 21st Century Martin Luther King jr.

31 Peaceful Memorials for LaVoy Fincum Across America

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am beginning to think that Oregon has more judges than trees. One judge pops up in this case making a ruling and another appears striking it down. The latest was the denial of Shawna Cox from attending the funeral of her friend, LaVoy Finicum, as the first judge ruled it with the regime prosecutors that it would be "dangerous and incite violence".

Another judge though allowed Ms. Cox to attend the funeral, after scolding her on the phone not to talk to people in a real gag order, but with LaVoy Finicum memorialized his funeral proved once again what absolute liars the entire federal department of justice have been, as the funeral was peaceful and no trouble was began, as this is a strange reality apparently to Obama justice officials, that LaVoy Finicum, Mormons and Patriots do not shoot up funerals for stage shows.

The disconnect from reality in the federales harkens back to Janet Reno in Hillary Clinton's reign of putting Veterans who saluted the flag and Christians who believed in Jesus Second Coming as terrorists, and put them on watch lists. The most patriotic and passive of Americans are on watch lists while Muslim terrorists murder Americans and are protected by this regime.

I honestly believe that America needs to do what I called for a year ago in disarming and removing all the vehicles from all the police, as even Utah issued this bizarre bulletin before the funeral.

With the standoff near Burns still underway, Utah authorities were on alert as preparations for the funeral unfolded.
The state's Department of Public Safety issued a bulletin to law enforcement dated Feb. 3, warning that while the Finicum family planned a "quiet" service, activists might use the event to "further their ideological beliefs."
"With the amount of support on social media which some domestic extremists involved in the funeral have received," the bulletin said, "law enforcement should remain cognizant of the likelihood of the presence of domestic extremists" in the area.

People burying their dead are now "domestic extremists" which is ridiculous as much as anyone involved in this is dangerous.

I bring this out, as it needs to be said, but again this might just have one of the federales start popping at people in more of these undercover minders causing trouble, is the FACT, that not one shot has been fired by any of these people. Not one person has been assaulted. Not one piece of property destroyed.

If you look at LaVoy Finicum stretched out in the pine coffin his family built him dressed in white and his white pick up shot to hell, the warnings the judges and law enforcement should be issuing should be about law enforcement, as they have been the only ones murdering people, threatening people, destroying property and denying bail.

Ms. Cox is a perfect example of why the entire Bundy Group should not be in prison, as she proved she can behave with all of the people who attended Mr. Finicum's funeral. These are Americans and have shown restraint while it is the regime which has show brutality.

That is why I ponder the comments on Oregon Live, due to their ghastly nature, in the ill speaking of the dead, and the absolute smears there against these Patriots. I wonder how many of them are regime employees and have been employed to posting these hate filled rants. It is suspect as the reports out of Burns in people upset with the protesters, when we have had confirmed reports that the locals were feeding these people and aiding them.
If you can handle the Truth in this, the protesters were winning the war for the minds of the people, and were about to be given refuge in Grant County by the Sheriff, and that would have broken the iron fist of the regime led propaganda and psyops operations of Special Agent Gregory Bretzing against these Americans.

So we learned in all of this, that LaVoy Finicum is still flushing the rats in exposing their lies. Everything the regime has been spewing from courts in how dangerous these people are, was proven a lie at the funeral of Mr. Finicum. The most fervent of zealots were gathered, and it was completely peaceful.

Ammon Bundy, Pete Santilli, and whoever else has now been indicted in secret court papers which were delayed 24 hours to the defense attorneys all belong released from prison on bail and in their homes. The smokescreen of how dangerous these people are is not about guns, but about their tongues. The federales are terrified over these peaceful people being in the public again, and social media overcoming the Mockingbird smear weapon which is being waged in this, so these conglomerates can keep stealing American natural resources to exploit.

There are now 4 people at Malheur who are at the Alamo in making a last stand, because the federales will not charge them with trespass, not for being on their own public land, but because they were told to leave, and fine them 100 bucks and this will end it. The federales though can not have that, as this is about terrorizing the American public, so Americans see murdered old men, Americans see the regime trolls smearing people online, Americans see people thrown into prison with less rights than Gitmo terrorists, so those Americans will just hand over their virgin daughters the next time the state police pull them over.

None of this had to happen, except the regime planned it to happen and now the lies keep piling up, as LaVoy Finicum has been proven the Martin Luther King jr. of this 21st century in being murdered by the regime, while leading a protest of peaceful resistance.

It was the police state who broke the law, in denying LaVoy Finicum his right to meet his legal custodian in the Sheriff. It was the police state which cause an accident of his pick up in the ditch. It was the police state which murdered LaVoy Finicum. It has been the police state lying in all of this, time and again. These people are no threat, except to tyrants and their trolls, and that threat is the threat not of guns, but of exposing this police state for it's lies and for it's collusion with conglomerates in enslaving, criminalizing and overthrowing America.

The danger of LaVoy Finicum and Ammon Bundy was never their guns, but it was their tongues, and that is why the regime tried to silence them.

-Lame Cherry

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