Monday, February 22, 2016

Mark Zuckerberg: The Mind Rapist

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I want you to ignore the manboobs of Mark Zuckerberg which are developed from his China wife feeding him too much soy products which contain female hormones....on top of the baby formula as his mum did not let him suck tit, and more to the point of the above photo which Mark Zuckerberg is promoting, and HE KNOWS THIS, as he is connected to intelligence which produced MK ULTRA, Mockingbird, Monarch and Through the Looking Glass.

Do you know what happens when you subject the human mind to sensory deprivation, sensory overload in visual stimulus with auditory overload, in firework light flash? Some people go into epileptic seizures, but ever mind becomes altered and programmed, as in Manchurian candidate.

The problems the world has now from television in brain wave pulse, the internet in collective narcotic, and Facebook hijacking people's souls, is going to be amplified with this absolute proven technique of mind control.

Mark Zuckerberg is grinning, because he is conditioning thousands of minds in what he is doing, who are all spread out in thousands of businesses, who will turn control over their portfolios literally to Facebook to profit off of, because Zuckerberg is conditioning them.

You remember the pictures of the Hitler frenzy in his speeches? That is crowd mind control by a charismatic and demon pulse. What Zuckerberg has done is break down the safety of the crowd, to mind control monitors, and then turned the collective brainwashing to a single unit of Big Brother control.

Mark Zuckerberg is the face of the most sinister group of human brainwashers for mind control who have stripped the Nazi of their place in history. This is Tavistock, Standford, Ted Cruz in his Mercer bots which manipulate and condition Cruz voters, and this is Mark Zuckerberg holding the hostage minds of Facebook and  turning them into zombies who will carry out commands just like a computer when you click OPEN.

Mark Zuckerberg must be stopped by the election of Donald Trump, in this being turned over to Congress to pass laws forbidding what Zuckerberg is conducting and for the US Department of Justice to bring Zuckerberg before a Grand Jury on the charges of crimes against humanity, as Zuckerberg knows the psychology in he is manipulating people with, and he knows it is sinister mind control, and he is doing it with a devilish grin.
This must be stopped by the US criminal justice system without protection from the NSA who employs Zuckerberg.