Monday, February 22, 2016

The Vote That Would Have Assassinated Anton Scalia

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Most instances I wonder about you children, in if you are not told what to think, you have absolutely no comprehension what is taking place against you, and then you run with the Mockingbird talking points of the period of how tovarich Ted Cruz is or that Anton Scalia was assassinated.

It is that head up the ass stuff which really grates on me, as let Mark Levin siren song you for a moment or that fart mouth Limbaugh flatuate at you, and off you go to the rocks or the shit hole as that is your new religion.

If Anton Scalia was assassinated, it was because of the ruling which he just voted on at the Supreme Court, not for rulings he would. Scalia was not rubbed out. That is just what you get for not eating steak to ward off your last meal in dining with Obama Jesuit Catholics.

The ruling which all of you missed, dealt with the Obama regime using the EPA to terrorize Americans and put all of you in the dark. I know it is not as sexy as fat Mark Levin mic sucking or Scalia being suffocated by Glenn Beck, but it is something which will matter to you when you are sitting in the dark shivering, because you can not afford 500 dollar a month electric that is what Obama EPA just did to you.

OK here is the scoop on this in a Lame Cherry exclusive. Obama set the EPA out with "carbon regulations" on states. The first draft was 11% reductions, but a few months later it told the States, "You will reduce immediately carbon by 33%.......oh and if you are Republican North Dakota generating electricity for liberal Homosota AKA Minnesota for the bed fuzz readers, you are hereby ordered to reduce emissions by 48% immediately.

North Dakota appealed that bit of Obama terrorism, and the DC court said FU ND.

So North Dakota appealed to the Supreme Court for a stay, which IS NEVER GRANTED, and by miracle, the Scalia led court for Americans, heard the case, and voted 5 to 4 to grant North Dakota a stay until June, when DC will again hear the case.

This fucked up Obama big time and his green fraud embezzlers, and that is why Scalia would have been pillow talked, but of course as this is a Big Koch issue of gouging all of you along with never heard a thing about any of this did you?

North Dakota like all GOP states were being crucified by the Obama regime, while Obama states were getting the reduced rates. The reality is North Dakota has 4 major coal fired generation plants, and they literally would have all had to be shut down....meaning the entire central tier of states would have been void of power, as wind and solar are already at the saturation point, and can not be depended upon to keep you warm or cool, when there are clouds or there is not any wind.

This is the biggest disaster in the making in America, as I doubt like hell DC is going to rule for Americans, but will again side with this criminal Obama regime, and then this goes back to the dead Scalia Court, which will rule 4 to 4, in a split, which means all of these Obama dictatorial mandates become law  via agencies.
There does not have to be some Obama fucktard installed by this worthless Senate, because they are unnecessary as a deadlocked court rules for the appellate court.

So while all of you were sleeping, not donating and just being Darwin candidates in thinking you are all such bright children, the reality is I was the only one paying attention again, as Mark Levin was more interested in stuffing Ted Cruz up his ass again.

America is going into meltdown. Either you get Donald Trump, who has been the only one talking about Clean Coal in more cheap power plants being built across America to give us inexpensive energy, or we are finished.

You rich non donors here, think you are going to be safe? This regime is going to confiscate legally everything, just like they did the Hammonds in Oregon and you sat there thinking none of that mattered to you, and the reality is the Hammonds were but one of the first in a continuing line of steps in this cartel confiscating your oil, your energy, your sun, your wind, and your breath, as they leave you with a power meter on your computers, which only allows you on Facebook for free so it can spy on you.

So now you know and I got you off the rocks and pulled you out of the shit hole again, until  later today when you will jump in again.

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