Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ted Cruz now damning Christians to hell who do not vote for Him

It is written, "Thou shalt not take the Name of God in Vain", and not "Thou shalt not take the name of Cruz in vain", for the reason God is Love and Ted Cruz is just vain.

-Lame Cherry

Yes we now know that Ted Cruz truly is the Anti Cruz and Glenn Beck is his false prophet, after Glenn Beck started telling the world that God murdered Justice Scalia so Ted Cruz could win South Carolina.........

Hmmm last time I checked, Ted Cruz was obliterated in South Carolina in not winning one county, so either Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz are both liars about God, or God picked the wrong Supreme Court Justice to sacrafice for a Ted Cruz victory.

It becomes worse as Glenn Beck is now trashing Evangelicals, in the same way that Cruz trashed Sarah Palin and Donald Trump. It is interesting to note that Beck has come down from Mormon Mountain with the tabs that Evangelicals are not Christians and all damned to hell for not voting for Ted Cruz. The Pater Pope says the same thing, so it is interesting that Donald John Trump is quite loved by Jesus, as Jesus just keeps giving victories to the Donald Trump kind of Christian.

I remember awhile back in one of  the Gulf Wars in a Muslim told the story, "I am rethinking all of this God stuff, as I want the God the Americans have as that is the God Who wins the wars."

Glenn Beck is designed to be offensive in order to alienate voters from Ted Cruz. That is what Beck is paid for. The reality is though, Beck has a great toilet mouth in Ted Cruz, in Cruz never disavows a thing Beck Beck saying Cruz is Jesus second coming that is what Ted Cruz believes in, in this foreigner is unbalanced..........Ted Cruz just can not stop lying.

That is the reality in this, and all of this. Ted Cruz politically assassinates everyone. You only have value for Ted Cruz when he can exploit you, and the day each of you Cruz voters, come up against Ted Cruz on any issue, he is going to turn on you with the police state and false prophet Glenn Beck is going to damn your souls to hell.

It is time for you Cruz voters to stop being abused by this Cruz Beck wife beater team, and come home to Donald Trump. You have done nothing wrong, as you were psychologically manipulated by Cruz using CIA mind sifting methods, from British intelligence programmes.

The Insiders who have talked, all tell the same story as what I have posted here, that Ted Cruz was a raised up serpent of the CIA and the billionaire conglomerates to keep you from regaining your freedom to be you.

For those in denial, just look at South Carolina in how the press covers for Ted Cruz. Just a few months ago it was the worst of sins for anyone to be courting those Bible Thumpers and supporting the Confederate Flag. Ted Cruz has been marathon dialing about this in robocalls, and the press scorned him not in the least.

Ted Cruz is an insider, an intelligence recruit of the CIA, just like Obama and Clinton both were and as Jeb Bush is. That is the fact.

It is repulsive in this Cruz Inquisition of Christians in Pope Glenn now is burning all at the stake of hell, that will not fall down and worship Ted Cruz at the ballot box. That kind of absolutism is extremely dangerous and it will come back to bite every Cruz voter if Ted Cruz ever gets into power, as certain as all the dead Soviets learned when Stalin seized power.

Ted Cruz now is telling the world that you are not a Christian if you do not vote for Ted Cruz. That is something which is between a Christian and Christ......not Glenn Beck and certainly not Rafael Ted Cruz.