Friday, March 18, 2016

Absolute Proof: FBI Planted Weapon on LaVoy Finicum's Corpse

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In Reverse Speech on the Jeff Rense Program in the last hour of March 18th, 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, David John Oates, discovered this reversal at the first stop by the Oregon State Police on the night of LaVoy Finicum's murder.

This is the reversal from LaVoy Finicum's own lips.

LaVoy Finicum: You can go ahead and shoot me. Put a bullet through my head.



There is absolutely no doubt now in this that LaVoy Finicum did not have a weapon on his person in telling the Oregon State Police that he is not armed.

This is damning  as it scientifically means that in Mr. Finicum's subconscious he is confessing that he does not have a gun. No one can lie in reverse speech as it is what the person knows.

This means that there was no weapon on LaVoy Finicum when he was shot. It means the FBI in Special Agent Gregory Bretzing is lying when he states that Mr. Finicum reached for a gun. The gun planted was a Ruger 9 mm, inside of an odd looking sewn in pocket.
We know for certain from Shawna Cox, a survivor of this murder ambush, that they were kept 2 hours sitting in the snow and not taken into custody and this is why the Patriots were kept separated until it was decided upon that a weapon would have to be produced.
That Ruger 9 mm by what LaVoy Finicum stated in Reverse Speech, which is absolutely fact, was planted on his body, after he was murdered.

This is bigger than the FBI covering up their firing shots. This is bigger than Gregory Bretzing lying. This is now a reality, that someone in law enforcement, meaning this was either Oregon State Police, FBI or Delta Force, who planted a gun on the body of LaVoy Finicum, AFTER Mr. Finicum was murdered, in order to provide the Deschutes County investigators the "acceptable use of force" conclusion to justify this shooting.

We now know for absolute certainty, that there was a gun planted by the law enforcement in an immense criminal conspiracy of murder. This was not just the murder of LaVoy Finicum, but the absolute corruption of the FBI, Oregon State Police and Delta Force.

Someone who had contact with the body of LaVoy Finicum, is the one who planted this Ruger, and it was not a lone wolf. Several law enforcement there know damn certain that gun was planted.

This disgusts me and that entire group in Oregon is criminal.

Additional Note: With this new information of the planted gun, and the known FBI editing of the footage of the iphone images of Shawna Cox, it must now be called into question if LaVoy Finicum ever put his hands down, and if what was released was a Hollywood style computer edit which created that illusion.
I do not want to cloud the issue of a digital edit, if it happened or not, because the reality is, LaVoy Finicum did not have any weapon with him or on his person. That is the FACT!!!

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