Friday, March 18, 2016

What are trained Assassins doing at Remove Trump meetings?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is a mention in a political story which all of you have missed, so it falls to the Lame Cherry in this monumental exclusive in matter anti matter.

Just What Is Paul Ryan Cooking Up in His Little Baby Head ...

Fresh-faced little dumpling Paul Ryan popped up at some kind of skulduggery ... and the security guards were wearing golden trident ... Singer, for example ...

What you are missing is GOLDEN TRIDENT PINS which the armed security were wearing. There is only one group who use that symbol and they are Americas premier trained assassins.

What is a Navy SEAL trident pin? - Quora

What is the significance of a Navy SEAL trident pin? ... Which is better: Delta Force vs Navy SEALs? What are the requirements for taking the Navy SEAL PST?

Now the Lame Cherry is asking a very important question in, why is Paul Singer, the fag billionaire nation rapist with Paul Ryan, and other anti Trump off balance types, able to summon Navy SEALS in order to protect their secret cabal meetings?

Is not the Navy SEALS a group which is supposed to NOT BE DEPLOYED on American soil? Are not the Navy SEALS supposed to be working for you, and not the cabal trying to take out Donald Trump?

All of this is VITAL as in your life depends upon this, as the Lame Cherry has exclusively broken the story on the Tex Marrs revelation that DELTA FORCE was illegally deployed in the assassination and mistreatment of LaVoy Finicum and the Patriots in Oregon, by this Obama regime.

Now we either have active duty SEALS, somehow keeping the press and public away from a meeting to thwart the American Peoples will, or we have former SEALS which you paid for in training, now hired to point guns and you and to snap your necks, if you try and find out what this nation rapist Paul Singer is up to with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

This is a real threat to America as in a red alert warning, that something is not right here. Questions need to be asked in this, in why are trained assassins protecting this cabal which is intent on destroying Donald Trump for President. This is not American in the least and as the press is not asking any questions, except to uncomfortably mention that GOLDEN TRIDENT in passing, so as to not have their necks snapped accidentally, we have to contend with what we are facing. The vote fraud against Donald Trump has now gone to either the Pentagon is involved in deploying assassins to protect it, or former SEALS have gone mercenary to be turned loose upon the American People.

You Cruz boogers and Kasich shell dwellers had better begin concluding what you are a part of, as this is not the smiling faces of Cruz and Kasich, but the nefarious group which is backing them, and if this group finishes of Donald Trump, GOD FORBID, they are coming for each of us.

DHS, FBI Now Giving YOUR Home A Threat Assessment

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