Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Magic Bullets Which Murdered LaVoy Finicum

Editor's Note: This is a stand alone article as the information is that important for you children to take note of.

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Something is absolutely wrong with the official Deschutes County investigative report as it has been released to the American public, for it is not just a mystery shot, but now mystery shots, all over the scene of the LaVoy Finicum murder.

This is more than the FBI caught in a cover up, and lying to investigators and doing something puzzling in picking up their spent cases after huddling up, because it is pointing to something in this, that the FBI was most likely covering up for other shooters on the site which they were coordinating with, and that points to the illegal deployment of the United States military against US Civilians on American soil, in Delta Force was involved.

This begins with the examination of the mystery shot in the pick up, and then focuses upon the mystery bullets which are as talented as those from November 22nd, 1963.


 The Oregon State Police are now blamed entirely for all shots on Mr. Finicum, and three of the four in his pickup. This is the quote on the Oregon State Police sniper.

According to his interview transcript, he had 29 rounds in his AR-15 before the shooting. The police inventory showed his rifle had 24 rounds afterward, accounting for three shots at the truck and then two at Finicum.

There is something absolutely wrong with this, as the above in evidence is telling the public that the Oregon State Police Officer shot 3 times and hit the Finicum pickup while aiming at Mr. Finicum's head. As this continues on, we have official reports that 3 shots entered LaVoy Finicum, and according to the autopsy report, Mr. Finicum was shot in the back.
Any review of the shooting of LaVoy Finicum, reveals he was facing the ROAD and his back was to the trees, when he went down. His hands are then again raised to the road. So the question is, how does an Oregon State Police sniper with an AR 15 assault rifle on the  road, shoot LaVoy Finicum in the back twice, when Mr. Finicum is facing the road?

This is like the John F. Kennedy magic bullet, but in this case it is magic bullets, as somehow an Oregon State Police Officer on the road, fired two bullet that did the impossible of turning 180 degrees and hitting Mr. Finicum in the back.
We know from Mr. Finicum struggling in the deep snow. that the Oregon State Police Officer could not have made it through that barrier that quickly, to have appeared as the FBI surveillance video shows, in the officer who apparently shot Mr. Finicum in the back, appeared from the trees immediately.

We now have a reality that the official Deschutes County investigatory report does not match the visual evidence.

If one takes this a step further in the "shots the FBI agent fired" from the road, as we now have an exact location according to unreleased video, there is something absolutely wrong with the report on these two shots too, as there is not any way that Oregon State Police did not know the FBI was firing, as they could hear the shots if they were that close.
More importantly, it is questionable now that the FBI sniper was the one who actually struck the pick up on the roof, as the trajectory angle appears off, and in the above reconstruct if you "view the photo" by right clicking, you will see that the trajectory goes beyond the FBI sniper. Meaning as this blog showed in a previous post in trajectory, the shot would have most likely had to have had an altitude of being up in the trees or from a platform as in a deer stand for a sniper.
If this is the case, then the FBI sniper appears to have missed both shots whenever they were fired, but the shot which shattered LaVoy Finicum's back window as he jumped from the running board into the deep snow, came from distance and altitude. Pointing again to the rumored Delta Forces on scene illegally, firing a 300 Winchester Magnum, in a moving shot at LaVoy Finicum which stuck the pick up and almost blew off Victoria Sharp's and Ryan Payne's heads.

The comparison of the mystery bullet diagram and this police sketch, on the "FBI shot in the roof" has questions. Questions as why would LaVoy Finicum if these 5 officers were on the road, and he supposedly almost ran one over, would he not turn to face them, but instead was turned and surrendering to an officer he apparently had seen, as he drew fire away from the women in his pick up.
If those FBI snipers were there in sight, Mr. Finicum would have glanced in their direction, but he never by instinct gave them recognition.

The roof shot instead appears to be something which was a sniper further in the woods, who was firing over the FBI snipers and the Oregon State Police in a most dangerous shot, as it could have killed them, let alone the women in the pick up.

The position of the Oregon State Police sniper is incorrect also, as in that position, he would have shot holes in the unmarked police vehicles or the muzzle blast would have cracked windows in the first 3 volleys fired at LaVoy Finicum's head when the pick up first appeared..

It is an absolute now that the Deschutes County investigators while discovering the FBI sniper and lying, that they are in error of the shots which murdered LaVoy Finicum and there is a reasonable error they are in error of the FBI sniper shot hitting the pick up.

Honestly, the way that Oregon State Trooper was missing shooting LaVoy Finicum in the skull, three times, I have doubts this SWAT shooter could have hit Mr. Finicum in the back at all, even if he had magic bullets changing direction.

Maybe this is why Special Agent Gregory Bretzing has been caught saying things, trying to pin this shooting on the Oregon State Police, and now dropping this whopper on the public:

Former FBI agents and criminal justice experts have said they're baffled why elite FBI agents might hide the shots.
Greg Bretzing, special agent in charge of the Portland FBI office, cautioned at a news conference last week, "The question of who fired these shots has not been resolved."

Bretzing appears to be saying there is a third set of shooters involved in this. We have accounted officially for the Oregon State Police and for the 5 FBI snipers, but what if in this unreleased video we discover Shawna Cox's testimony of a dozen snipers emerging from the trees. What if this was Delta Force in force. What if it was the reality of Oregon State Police and the FBI snipers as the cops who could not shoot straight, and what if this was Delta Force who put the kill shots on LaVoy Finicum, in being the sniper who hit the pick up, upon the "go order" the FBI agent was activated on in his two shots, and Delta Force then pumped in the three rounds into LaVoy Finicum's back.

As nowhere in any of this released official Deschutes County investigation have we any mention of who fired the 3rd bullet into LaVoy Finicum. It has been hinted at blaming the Oregon State Police, but none of this has added up from the beginning, and now with the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, that Deschutes is blaming the Oregon State Police Officer on the road, and LaVoy Finicum was facing him, there is not any way he could have shot LaVoy Finicum in the back.
I repeat the above quote about the Oregon State Police sniper firing.

According to his interview transcript, he had 29 rounds in his AR-15 before the shooting. The police inventory showed his rifle had 24 rounds afterward, accounting for three shots at the truck and then two at Finicum.

We move forward again, with the repeated psyops of Special Agent Gregory Bretzing and his deceptions after this shooting. The continued lies that LaVoy Finicum was reaching for a firearm. The FBI caught in a cover up, and now, the most damning of evidence in the Oregon State Police Officer who was facing LaVoy Finicum, shot him by miracle in the back twice.

The reports have confirmed one more absolute, and that is the overhead footage was a drone, as they stated this bird was in the air over an hour after the murder, and that means it was in the air over an hour previous. No helicopter would have been kept hovering around that long, and it is doubtful this was an FBI bird, as someone was in control of it for the entire time, and that points to the military, as in the Pentagon using their equipment. Which projects that when the Pentagon is using their drone program on Americans, that their Delta Force is most likely on site, and this concludes to what this blog has been stating the evidence is pointing to, in this was an illegal Pentagon, Delta Force operation, in their being in direct control of the FBI and Oregon State Police, in Delta Force snipers were the ones hitting targets all over this scene, while the police were missing.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter on the official Deschutes County evidence.

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This is sort of dangerous for me to the 10th degree as the actors in this murder people with carte blanche for a living with full police state protection.

The evidence points to a third set of shooters in Oregon, and someone is going to great lengths to cover this all up, for now obvious reasons as it was all illegal.