Friday, March 4, 2016

Arrest Glenn Beck

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not care if Glenn Beck is attempting more Michael Moore publicity stunts, but the fact is Glenn  Beck has now threatened to assassinate Donald Trump in a literal, "If I was near him  "Donald Trump", the stabbing would never stop.

This is against the law in making harmful threats against the President or any Presidential candidates. It is not funny and it is not anything to jest about, as this mirrors the assassination attempt on President Theodore Roosevelt's being shot in Wisconsin, after the media engaged in this same murderous talk in order to  trigger one of the many nuts in America into acting, so Beck, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Romney, Mercer, Singer etc.. of this entire GOPliter group.
This is by design and they want some black lives matter crazy, Cruz crazy or Rubio crazy to stalk Mr. Trump and do the deed.

This is something the Secret Service not only must investigate, but incarcerate Glenn Beck and this group of heinous molotov tongues advocating murder.
It is not going to suffice for Beck to say it was playful banter about Beck murdering his co host....murder is murder and it is time that Glenn Beck face the weight of the law, and all of these other disgusting squat assassins for their attacks on Mr. Trump.

Do your blessed job Secret Service!!!!!!!

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