Friday, March 4, 2016

Ted Cruz: Booger Lives Matter

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a strong stomach, but I almost am puking at watching it.

OK here is the play by play.

A white booger blew out of Ted Cruz's nostril, onto his upper lip, where Adolf Hilter and Joe Stalin and Fidel Castrol grew mustaches.

GOP Debate=> OMG! Ted Cruz Just Ate a Booger! **VIDEO** - The ...

OMG! Ted Cruz Just Ate a Booger! At the GOP debate— The booger… It started on his upper lip…. then dropped to his lower lip… Then he ate it.

It remained there as Ted chattered on, but alas even gravity took over with all this lip shaking from Cruz, and it next glued itself to the lower lip of Rafael Ted Cruz, where it clung to life in this 20 second America birth of the Ted Cruz booger, where upon Ted Cruz ate the booger on live television in Detroit in a National Debate.

What can we learn from this?

Boogers are a food group to Ted Cruz.

Booger lives do not matter to Ted Cruz any more than black lives.

Ted Cruz is low on salt and protein...........odd considering for all the cock on his breath he has, but it also concludes that Ted Cruz sucks but does not swallow.

Ted Cruz eats his own, like he did Sarah Palin and Evangelicals.

Now I can go into the anatomy of this, that Ted Cruz from warm Texas, came to cool weather Detroit, and his sinus cavity produced a fresh white booger, born in America, unlike Canadian born Ted Cruz, which Ted is either unfamiliar with Kleenex being 3rd world or it is his practice to hoot boogers out of his nose wherever they may fly.
In the old days, children of Ted's era used to put their boogers under their desks or simply eat them, but Ted is a person whose fingers are too pristine to touch his own boogers, so he just snorts them out all over the place. At least the podium will not have to be sanitized in Detroit, but Nom de Dieu, who the hell wants to ride around in Cruz private jets, sit in a Cruz senate office or be over at the Cruz house, as the piles of boogers are probably mistaken for a family pet.

No wonder the elder Cruz daughter did not want to kiss her old man. He probably has boogers on his lips all the time, and most likely huffs one into her mouth and she does not like it.

Heidi Cruz though.......well people have different fetishes in being perverts, apparently Heidi Cruz either likes Ted Huffy Hooters at her or she props her feet up in foreplay and watches Ted eat his and her boogers as her turn on.

I personally do have my line for Presidents. They have to be Americans, not gay, not investigated by the FBI and they do not write their names in their own poo in bathroom stalls or eat boogers.

Ted Cruz eats boogers. Who knew my Booger eating etiquette article would find a home with Rafael Ted Cruz. Most men who run for President have memorable lines like MAKE AMERICA GREAT, Ted Cruz just eats boogers.

At least now I know the appeal Cruz has for his small voting block. Citizenship does not matter, but eating boogers does. To help the Cruz voters, they will not be called Cruzlings any more here, but to help them out of the closet, they will officially be know as the Cruz Boogers from this point on, in their affinity with eating snot.

Rush Limbaugh Certifies He Picks Boogers for Ted Cruz

Monday, January 11, 2016

Rush Limbaugh Certifies He Picks Boogers for Ted Cruz

Oh wow, the Lame Cherry predicted this two months about them boogers!!!!