Friday, March 4, 2016

Donald Trump Emancipation of American Blacks

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Charles Evers, the brother of murdered Civil Rights Leader, Medgar Evers, today announced he is endorsing Donald Trump for President. I could not be more pleased than to have Mr. Evers, a businessman, a radio personality and a leader in the black community to take a stand in what blacks, Mississippi and America needs, and that is good jobs, American jobs and high paying jobs.

The Republican Party has not seen this type of black voter turn out for Mr. Trump, since Ronald Reagan, and that speaks to the reality of the appeal of Mr. Trump.
There is more racial healing in Donald Trump with Charles Evers and Mike Tyson, than the entire divide of these disappointing Obama years.

Medgar Evers was a United States Veteran of World War II, who worked after the Supreme Court ended segregation to have black students included into the University of Mississippi.

He was assassinated by another American Veteran of World War II in Bryon De La Beckwith, who was a Democrat member of the White Citizen's Council. His belief was that there should be a separation of the races and the reality is, just as every Supreme Court ruling which overthrew the status quo, the regimes in DC caused nothing but more death.

Medgar Evers would have been alive today if the Supreme Court had simply placed this on States Rights, with a limit for Congress that in a decade segregation would end. Black students in "free states" could have been educated and as the public became used to the idea, the decade would have been up, and Medgar Evers would have been alive to work for the rights which Martin King was in protest over.

Americans are ripped apart by the Obama regime in its Afroid dictatorship, in Obamacare with gay John Roberts, and Sodomy with gay Anthony Kennedy. All of this should be States rights, in the more progressives states enacting the laws, and the others coming along in time peacefully.

That is what the healing nature of Donald Trump is, because he is an honest broker to Philistines and Jews, and to blacks, whites and browns.

Charles Evers knows this, as much as he knows this black lives matters protest is nothing about Donald Trump, but keeping blacks herded into the same voting block that gets them Obama plantations. None of us has to agree on everything, and that includes Tavis Smiley or Cornell West, but we do all agree on the reality that blacks in America have been abused by welfare and that every one of us, would like to see blacks with good high paying jobs, as we want this for all Americans.

Charles Evers has taken a brave stand, and I know that many blacks are voting for Donald Trump. I sincerely hope that a Tavis Smiley does endorse Donald Trump and work with him as a conduit to the black community as Mr. Evers is, for the simple reason that what the Obama regime has done to the black image and to the future of blacks in America with this Latin invasion is as criminal in the genocide as Planned Parenthood sitting up shop in black neighborhoods and selling black baby body parts.

I am never going to agree to black Jesse Jackson minder from the FBI over blacks or Designer Negro Obama's from the CIA working for Wall Street, any more than the black panther violence, because it is just another Chicago Rahm Emanuel violence this nation has had enough of.
There are something around 2 million black men in prison who should be out working and being productive and not wards of this failed state system. That is what I work to end in the Donald Trump Emancipation of Blacks in America from their Clinton Shanty Plantations.

Charles Evers is the first step and God bless him for it.

Blacks know from the Civil Rights Era how the same smears which were undertaken by the cartel against Martin King, resonate exactly in the same heinous nature against Donald Trump. None of this is new, and it is always about exploiting people, and all of us are being exploited now by this police state.

Donald Trump will bring emancipation to all blacks. Mr. Trump will stop the murder and rape of Mexicans on the Rio Grande. He will stop the slave labor of Asians and he will free the whites from the genocide being waged against them.

There is only one way out, and that is:

Trump 2016