Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bombing in Brussels


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you believe that ISIS was behind the bombings in Brussels Belgium, then you perhaps need reminding of this blog's exclusives in matter anti matter, pointing to Fabrique Nationalle being an arms manufacturing hub across the globe, and utilizing the cheap Muslim manufacturing base in Turkey, to make your dull minds ask the question of, "Brussels has been the protector of Islam in Europe, from business to making weapon's caches for them, so why would ISIS attack their protector?"

I realize the simple in you will say, "Yes but that terror bomber in Paris was in Brussels and got guns out of Germany, and Belgium just captured him, so this was in retaliation."

Yes you would say that, and then when the Lame Cherry would answer with the reality that this was a coordinated attack, of three suicide bombers, using massive high explosives, with a minder guiding them, so how fast do you think an operation like that takes to construct, a few days  or more like a few months, as of course you could pull it off in a few days, because you are so bright........right?

Then it would make prefect sense that ISIS would blow up it's safe haven, with these attacks and incur more wrath upon them...........

34 people dead and 180 wounded.........

Yes, in nationwide crackdowns now, Belgium is finding bombs all over the place........You do get that right, in Belgium KNEW where all of these Muslims were, and was on good terms with them. Brussels was PROTECTING THESE TERRORISTS.

Yes the Brussels bombers all acted like terrorists and dressed like terrorists........so of course ISIS did this.

Let me inform you of the facts of terrorists.

The Muslims were protected, because their money was coming into Belgium, and Belgium was arming them in mass, making money. So no one was going to blow up this fine commerce, and certainly no one was going to destroy this commerce over one little Islamic boy shooter.........as hiding him from Paris and then offering him up to the French was the deal to bury this, as everyone wins and this goes away.

Those bombs  found were not for Beligiums, but other locations. That is what is really behind all of this.

Someone did not like that Brussels was making loads of money in arms trade, and someone did not like that Brussels was gaining exceptional influence with these rich Muslims.

Ask yourself who are the  biggest Muslim backers in the West? I will give you a hint in both are not natives of their nations, are destroying their peoples for the cartel, and if you called out Obama and Merkel, they would answer.

This is like those Airbus dingers going down and others being blamed. Someone likes making French Mutton in Europe, because France is a pisser in not bowing to Anglo Detusch Obama rule, and you fix that by muttonizing and making Heckler and Koch the arms merchant again, and all the little Muslim boys bending over for image Obama again in adoration.

I think that is about all I care to write about this as I dislike Belgium in owning Winchester firearms in America and if Mutton likes being served up on Meissen ware, like Joan on a stake with Obama wood, then that is about all I care about this in European cannibalism after installing that Indonesian transsexual couple to 1600 Penn Avenue.

See even you would like to eat mutton on ware like this while watching those foreigners blowing up in Brussels....or cutting opium or Obama coke on them after some peach sherbet.

Sorry about the Gaytube song, but I feel like a song after some Scopalamine Iraqi's went boom in Brussels. Secularists mind you, promised positions of vast fortune before being drugged and creating this feast.

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