Tuesday, March 22, 2016

To the Party for which I stand


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to preface the GOPliters workings to steal the Republican election from Donald Trump, to explain some simple basics for each of you, as for some reason in your ignorance, you believe voting is some right bestowed upon you.

The first states to hold primaries, as usual, will be Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.
Voters in those states will go to the polls in February under the party rules passed in 2014. States that attempt to jump ahead of those four states will be punished with the loss of delegates.
States that hold their primaries between March 1 and March 14, 2016, will award their delegates on a proportional basis, meaning that no one candidate could likely win the nomination before late-voting states get to hold their primaries.

States voting on March 15, 2016, or later canaward their delegates on a winner-take-all basis, meaning candidates will likely pay more attention to them
The party believes that the new system of awarding delegates will prevent the front-loading of primaries early in the season, and offers states an incentive to hold theirs in the spring and summer instead of trying to leapfrog each other for influence and attention.

For most of you, you ignorantly believe that you vote for the President of these United States. The fact is NONE OF YOU have ever vote for the President of the United States, unless you had been voted upon as a delegate to the Electoral College.
It is those delegates who meet after the popular election, in your voting for them, which elects the President. It has always been this way.

It is in a like manner the same way you vote for Donald Trump, John Kasich, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in your state elections. You never vote for your candidates, instead you vote for delegates, who then appear at convention and vote for the candidate of their choice.
So it is utter ridiculous for Drudge to be making a headline out of some North Dakota delegate stating just that.

It is as the Republican chairman, Reince Priebus stated to those same North Dakotans today, "The candidate who has the majority of fixed delegates IS the nominee".

Some people might take this as a double meaning of some sinister word games, but Priebus was talking to the North Dakota "Tea Party" types over there, and he was setting the record straight in, there was not going to be any stolen convention, hidden in some brokered or second round voting against Donald Trump.
I am not saying Priebus is Lord God in this and something could not happen or is trying to be intitiated, but Reince Priebus was signalling that when Donald Trump walks in with the majority of fixed delegates, that he is going to be the nominee, period.

I realize that the internet buzz to stop Donald Trump is twisting what Priebus stated that the minority does not rule the majority, meaning if Mr. Trump falls short, that he is not going to be awarded the nomination, but that fact is equally true against Ted Cruz, John Kasich and whatever else gets dragged in to that convention on intrigue.

This is exactly what all of us wants, as it is fair. I know that some states are trying to exploit this in South Carolina moving in intrigue to not fix delegates to Mr. Trump, but there are more states who will not allow this to take place, and that is exactly what the Founders constructed.

Our Government became a regime under Birther Hussein, because it stopped working. It became a dictatorship in Executive, Legislative and Judicial, and that is why we have these immense problems. The Founders built our system to not function. By this I explain in, our Government is supposed to be so slow moving, so contested, so backbiting that nothing gets passed without a bloody fight, as things done in haste are always regretted.

This is why they put the mob voting on a check with delegates. The delegates are the Senate in this, of elites who will steal an election from you, IF you do not care enough to follow up with your vote to make them vote the way you intend.

What is missing in all of this is the reality which has been covered up, because all have been made by the police state terrified for daring to speak out and say things like they would show up at the convention with guns and enforce their rights. The many want to protect their lives and have others die for their rights, and in the end, that is the check in balance, because if Americans in a majority will not become enemies of the state like George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson etc... then the regime should be a tyranny which murders ministers in the streets and owns you like cattle.

I am not calling for a revolution, but am stating the political science fact, that the Right to Speech and Assembly, and political process are only the first steps in rights, for rights are only rights when backed by force. Until the mob decides that it is time to fight, die and often lose all they have, as the Confederates did in the Civil War to try and save themselves, there is no real Republic functioning.

The Republican primaries were designed, so that someone popular in January could not run the table on naive voters, and everyone be horrified in June that they just voted for a Canadian like Ted Cruz who is being hauled into court for being inelligable.
The GOP process was designed to give all states an equal chance, and while it has never come to this, a worthless state like South Dakota, voting on the last day, could be King or Queen maker in some election cycle with just a few delegates, because that little state might be the one which would put Donald Trump over the top on delegates.

You have to see the beauty in the process not corrupted, in a state no one cares about, like Iowa which starts this process usually in ruination and confusion, might rest in a power to save the Union and the Republican party as much as the Democratic party by holding the last few delegates which would put a convention to be brokered or make someone President.

That is what a convention is, it is like Congress when it functions, where delegates in a minority, start looking for deals. A deal as I noted would be Ted Cruz could ask all of his delegates to vote for Donald Trump, in order to be on the Supreme Court. That is what conventions do, in horse  trading in a loser can become a winner, and a person almost near the margin, can become victor by including voters who did not vote for him or her.

The Cruz and Trump campaigns have both stated with states like Tennessee that there is not going to be any stolen convention. That means that the people with the most delegates can walk out of a convention too if  they chose in being cheated.
That would be political suicide for any party, and if someone wants to destroy a party like the GOP, they have the right to try it in ruining a convention, but those voters are not going away, nor their candidates.

I place this before you, in what if Donald Trump and Ted Cruz both walked out of the convention, and what if Hillary Clinton wanting to be President, put it into writing that if this majority of the Republican Party in 80% of the voters would accept the Vice Presidency, control over the domestic issues and half the nominees on the Supreme Court in Ted Cruz ending up there, what would that do to the GOPliter sabateurs plans? It would bring them to ruin.......and if you check history, you will find that the political structure in America used to operate in this way, in John Adams the Federalist had Thomas Jefferson the Democrat as his Vice President.
What happens if Bernie Sanders decides his delegates and voters will give him a better deal in supporting Donald Trump in the general election, if Mr. Sanders gets control over a new health care system? See America used to be this way in Democrats John Connolly of Texas and Patrick Moynihan of New York serving under President Richard Nixon.

What I am trying to say is, the elite are trying to stampede you with fear. Yes Donald Trump needs floor delegate managers for the convention and Mr. Trump needs to deal  with the  party boss blocks, but that is politics and is the first step in honing a President into how great he is in making deals.
There are cracks in this establishment as some like Newt Gingrich have been blackmailed like Sarah Palin, and they want their lives back under Donald Trump. Jeff Sessions sees his Conservative right wing chance to cement Reagan again into a Trump Presidency. This is the time of long shots. Some like Utah are betting on Ted Cruz in the longest of shots to help them steal all the natural resources on federal lands in that quid pro quo of the people's resources. It is how the process works in not being pristine things of higher ideals like James Madison preened over, but more like James Madison in his poison pen bringing down John Adams and causing the assassination of Alexander Hamilton.

It is why I have told all of you from the start of this in 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump, if he calls upon you, because tyranny must be met with force, and unless Donald Trump would want the Presidency enough to fight for it, and unless you do not want to protect his majority with all you have like the Founders, then you do not want it enough.

Those against Donald Trump, have proven they like hiring assassination done, and they like making black lists to intimidate you, and threaten the end of your pursuit of happiness in retaliating on you, in proving they are the criminal element, but it is at base in all of this, if Donald Trump calls, are you people going to be American enough to not  turn the other cheek in letting your Aaron Burr assassins plot against you or are you going to run their Benedict Arnold asses out of America, in teaching your adversaries that threatening Americans has legal consequences, as to the victors go the spoils.

This is all about how the system is not supposed to work, and how it is to be checked and balanced on your blood if it is called for by your leaders. Sometimes like John Brown you end up at the end of a rope, and sometimes when it is George Washington, you end up Ambassador.

It is why I have tried as General William Tecumseh Sherman before the Civil War was warning that the war was not going to be short and easy, while the experts were saying it would be. He was called crazy and went crazy, and arose again to vanquish the South. It is why I have been warning all of you what is at stake here in vote fraud and against stolen conventions and why those 40 million guns are vital in this for Mr. Trump, if he calls upon them in placing his head in the noose along with the crosshairs as it has been for all of you. Unless tyranny believes it's neck and head are in the game, and that it will be you given mass amnesty as George Washington did the Patriots in victory in taking their nation back, the GOPliters will not back down, because all of their Obama crimes are going to come out and they will lose everything.

The only fear I have in this is that Donald Trump does not yet fully comprehend  the kind of iron fist he is going to have to be, behind the scenes, that he is dealing with murderers, child molesters and ilk who send white powder to his family, and want all of us dead by assassination. Donald Trump is going to have to be ruthless in where he is going. His released foreign policy team is the genesis of such a group and it does reveal he has hardliners involved with him, and those hardliners will do more to stop the police state and to stop World War IV, than the tough meows of Ted Cruz or the coughing spits of Hillary Clinton.

Delegates have their positions because they are glossy eyed zombies sucking on power or they are tin gods who like acting like they are king makers. They get graft for all of this, but until it comes into play that these delegates become aware, that they have to go home to their states and face majorities of people who are furious at them for cheating them out of their Donald Trump votes, which are becoming all they have to shield them against the black lists and terror lists they are being put on.

None of this is nice, as power corrupts, and the corrupted do not want your vote to matter. They have been stealing your wages in taxes, your jobs to foreigners, your life to Obamacare, and spying on you to make you a criminal 24/7, so the idea that delegates which serve this system are something to counter your political views, are going to bow to you out of their not so good natures, is a fiction.

Most of you expect someone else to put their neck on the line for your freedom. That is what most of you do with the Lame Cherry as you deem me expendable in your patriotism which I am supposed to suffer and die for in poverty. You teach the despots that you will do nothing peaceful when it matters in donations or support, so they know you are not going to be anything to deal with when they try to steal conventions from you.

I do not and never have been bogued down in the politics, after I was moved to begin this revolution to end Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, when God rose up Donald Trump, because I have told you from the start of this, this is most likely going to come down to a time when Donald Trump is going to be forced to wear a title of Enemy of the State in calling out his armed voters to secure his victory and to maintain it. That is not me, and that is not you, but it is Donald Trump as he is the leader and that will be his decision if he allows what is rightfully won to be stolen from him.

If Mr. Trump and yourselves win that battle, then it is going to be the necks in the nooses of all of those traitors in legal courts hanging them, instead of your lethal injection in prisons or lead injections in the snows of Oregon. The legal trials will be necessary or these Tories will rise up like they did against Ronald Reagan and rob and murder you later.

Very few people are Patriots to make good or bad martyrs. Most are Mutton and that is what America has been changed into. We are at the end of America or revolution. Those in power have not yet realized there are costs in this, because they have the power and think the police state will protect them.......and it will over you every time.

Donald Trump is being assisted by persons like myself politically whom you will never know or realize. It is all a campaign on this political field and it is coming to the sappers in the wire engineering against the other sappers in our wires, as you think this is all happening like some fairy tale when it is a nightmare with bad endings.

We are trying to stop the bad endings, for it is a party for which they stand, and not a nation for which we stand, in what this is all about.