Friday, March 4, 2016

Cruz and Rubio Go Limp In Detroit

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

A few hours ago on the Drudge Report, Donald Trump in the poll there was at 60% as was noted, and suddenly the Clinton whiners terrified about meeting Donald Trump in November, the GOPliters of the billionaire fags, and import Canadian Cuban Cruz descended upon Drudge like Ron Paul bots and gave the world this:

Thank you, we have already counted your vote.
Total Votes: 539,528

Now mind you that this is what was done in Texas, in all of these little simps voted on their home computers, voted with their laptops at work and voted with their cell phones, and voted on their work companions computers, and in the end, all they could do is bring Cruz up the same 6% which Donald Trump's numbers dropped by 6%.

Oh that is right the Right Wing News did not notice this election fraud, and it is up to the Lame Cherry to point out the bullshit on the bullshit meter again, in how far these deviants will go to try and brainwash people.

Frankly, I could not be more pleased for Donald Trump exposing all those in media for the frauds they are in attacking him, and allowing Cruz and Rubio gnash their teeth on him,  and somehow be righteous from it all, because Donald Trump revealed the thing all Americans are furious about, and that is these brown skin beaners being obnoxious to the True and Native peoples born in America, as this is our blessed Nation by birth, while they only shit here.

There was a wonderful moment also in now Cruz and Rubio are on record in having to bow to the will of Donald Trump when Mr. Trump  wins the nomination for President. It is was wonderful to witness even the Cruz and Rubio voters having had enough of these two Cubans in how 3rd world they are.
Rubio has literally been obliterated now and do you think it had anything to do with the article here "The Stuff that Little Romney's are made of"?
I want to thank all those who read it and shared it yesterday, as that post appeared all over the internet and I watched with delight as the Truth spread like a wildfire. The former Rubio voters should be commended as they saw the Truth in what a fraud Marco Rubio is, and 2'3rds went to Donald Trump and 1'3rd went to John Kasich.
Ted Cruz's downfall will arrive too. Just reading, talking, sharing and posting, and you are making a difference as the Lame Cherry by God's Grace changes the time line. One story just blew 100 million dollars the GOPliters invested to brainwash you.

Donald Trump is the man in the room. John Kasich is the white problem in this room who attacks whites and lets invaders rape and murder the wife, kids and the dog, and Cruz and Rubio are the two small dicked juveniles. It is why they talk big, marry white women, sell out to the billionaires, in they have dicks the size of mini weenies and raisins for testicles. Like Obama, I would not be surprised if these white looking Rubio and Cruz children were brought forth with the wife bent over her desk at work, as a woman does have to be satisfied and naturally chooses the the powerful male to father her offspring.

So for the above Cruz "surge" in voting fraud, you have simps voting 4 times, meaning .01% of the electorate logged in with different computers and internet access to.........still be whipped by Donald John Trump.

Keep doing it Cruzbots as Chris Christie as Attorney General is going to throw your Vaseline smeared asses into Gitmo for the rest of your pathetic lives.

PS: Sorry to Richard and Stephanie for not answering last night. I was exhausted and sore. We had baby calf that I had to help nurse and things are looking good. Cow only kicked me once.

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