Friday, March 4, 2016

The κύκλος or kuklos or Ku Klux Klan

black women stump for trump girls explain to don lemon how they became ...

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The fake story of Dr. David Duke endorsing Donald Trump for President, and the propaganda press lying to Americans over it, is something which has nothing to do with David Duke, but everything to do with the terror of Hillary Clinton and the minder leadership now managed by image Obama, as blacks have figured out that Obama was the guy in Africa who set out the friend jungle foul and watermelon inside the thorn traps, led them in, and the next thing these bush huddlers knew, was they were on a slave voyage in English ships to the New World.

All of these KKK stories started with Fred Trump, which was a lie, and now David Duke which is a lie, are due to the fact that a growing majority of blacks in America have had it with being  target practice in American cities, welfare wards to vote in mass for democrats and hate republicans, and they want Father Donald to lead them to the Promised Land like Abraham Lincoln did.
Blacks in 2016 want to be Emancipated from the slave state, and  they are voting for Donald Trump and that means that Hillary Clinton is going to lose in a landslide to Mr. Trump, and that is why these odd KKK stories keep popping up, because the Obama press figures that the 68 IQ Afroid vote in America can be herded back to the Hillary plantation if you just scare them enough.

That is what is behind all of these smears against Donald Trump. The liberal Clinton vote and the GOPlite Ryan fag billionaires think Afroids are stupid and can be conned to running back to the shanty.

It is no secret that I praise black Americans on this blog often. I have deep respect for Justice Clarence Thomas and Tavis Smiley. Mr. Smiley has been a stallwart champion of blacks in these dark ages of Obama in speaking for blacks as much as Cornell West in the black lives matter movement.
I do not have to agree with black lives matter, as they have become a tool of racism to attempt to scare blacks back to the Hillary shanty, in their hoodie protests at Donald Trump events which is equal to the hoods of the Ku Klux Klan of old, but I do agree that the Cornell West message is important, because blacks are dying like flies hit with Raid in far too many American cities, and it is spreading to Latins on the border and whites in Oregon.

Tavis Smiley spoke the facts in blacks are going to vote for Donald Trump in the majority in this election, and when that takes place, Donald Trump is going to bring forward a new emancipation for them, in they are going to each reach for prosperity instead of Jesse Jackson or image Obama minding them.

Tavis Smiley: Black America could get on Trump train ...

Tavis Smiley: Black America ... the conventional wisdom is that she has the black vote on ... I've talked privately to some of Trump's black friends ...

Farrakhan Praises Trump For Rejecting Jew Money

I have made it no secret that I believe in the right of Louis Farrakhan to do what he does. I know that black mooselum is not good for the soul, know that his way is not going to fulfill blacks, but it is their choice to be who they are, and you will notice no one will mention that Louis Farrakhan praised Donald Trump for not taking Ashkenaz mafia money.

I honestly hope that Al Sharpton will stay in America. I doubt that Mr. Sharpton is going to end up in prison on tax violations, because Mr. Sharpton can become a Chris Christie witness to rat out all the rats who were using Mr. Sharpton. The world is a better place in having Al Sharpton in it, because it takes all kinds.

The Black Panthers have done far more terrorism to blacks, and blacks know it, than the KKK has. Obama used them to intimidate voters in 2008 and they were sent out by Eric Holder to infuse the riots into Ferguson Missouri.

This always lumping all blacks to either be Lt. Uhurah, Martin King, Louis Farrakhan, Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas etc... is racist. I have belittled Afroids here non stop, because they needed to be saved from the Obama regime and I have been proven right. There are massive problems in the black community in there is only liberal Oprah on display and the male are all cocks on display, which is by design, as black intellectualism is rarely interesting unless it comes in a Tavis Smiley format.
Blacks are shown a world of the rich few in entertainment, housed by some of thee most inept minds on the planet like Kayne West, and not the epitome of hard work, steady morals, investments is what produces the real gains in life of a solid family.

Donald Trump for blacks brings a promise not for them, but for all races and that is why Mr. Trump is being attacked, because think of what happens when that 1% who control trillions are going to have to put that money into circulation so all of us can start working jobs which when we retire in 40 years, at 50,000 dollars a year, we will have over 1.5 million dollars in our retirements.
That is how you get rich like the Kennedys. You work for it, and then Donald Trump does not allow the regime to steal it all from your family when you die.

It has been one of thee most heinous acts in using blacks in this Hoodie intimidation about a fictional hood of the KKK to try and scare them away from voting for Donald Trump. You know it is serious when two smears appear against the Trump family, both of them false, both pushed for days at a time, and all aimed at blacks, that the big Obama at that plantation White House is worried the cartel is about to lose the black vote in America to Donald Trump.

I want every black child in Church, graduating with real degrees from school, not having babies until married, and in 20 years having a million dollars in assets. I want that for every American child in America, and especially black children not to be body parts aborted for Planned Parenthood to be sold to researchers for billions of dollars each year.

We are all in this together as we are all Americans. That is our race, our creed and our culture. Donald Trump will be a President for all of us to pursue our life, our liberty and our happiness in being fulfilled in moral accomplishments.

No one has told you what was behind these KKK smears and why, until the Lame Cherry brought this reality to your knowing again in matter anti matter exclusives. I have no doubts that blacks are not going to be herded in 2016 as they have been played their entire lives and they know Mr. Trump is genuine.

Blacks had the bling promise of Obama and ended up with nothing.
The choice is now Hillary putting them back into the shanty town
Or liberty from the political stump in Donald John Trump