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Cruz's Skirt At CNN

Lame Cherry: Mar 4, 2013

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For the Conservative Treehouse trolls who have not read this from Sundance and claim I read their stuff, which I have not nor ever have.


Amanda Carpenter works for Ted Cruz, Trolls for Ted Cruz at CNN.

Amanda Carpenter | Conservatives vs. Liberals | Pinterest

Amanda Carpenter works for CNN.

CNN was the propaganda outlet which coordinated with Lauren Batchelder in the "Why do you hate women Mr. Trump" dirty tricks operation.

... Lauren Batchelder played the role of a female antagonist toward

CNN Uses Jeb Bush Staffer Lauren Batchelder To Frame Donald ...

CNN Uses Jeb Bush Staffer Lauren Batchelder To Frame Donald Trump Narrative/Hit Job CNN Uses Jeb Bush Staffer Lauren Batchelder To Frame Donald Trump Narrative/Hit Job

CNN promoted the propaganda from Ted Cruz in the Iowa lynching of Ben Carson, which destroyed Mr. Carson's campaign.

Ted Cruz Blames CNN For False Ben Carson/Iowa "Sideshow," CNN ...

Ted Cruz Blames CNN For False Ben Carson/Iowa "Sideshow," CNN Anchor Says "I Hear B.S." |

Neil Bush joins the Cruz campaign

Jeb's brother Neil Bush joins Ted Cruz team -

Neil Bush, brother of Jeb and George W., is joining Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's national finance team. He and his wife are among several new members the Cruz ...

Jeb Bush endorses the Cruz campaign.

Jeb Bush Endorses Ted Cruz - ABC News

Jeb Bush is endorsing Ted Cruz for president, arguing that the Texas senator is the best hope of stopping Donald Trump from reaching the Republican nomination.

I realize this might be a bit hard for the slow kids in connecting the dots in the matrix, as their foul mouths smear a Prophetess of God, but it is sometimes a reality that in order to flush out the other crimes of the Ted Cruz campaign in a coordinated criminal conspiracy, that in order to generate the buzz, at the Gateway Pundit on Anonymous having the proof of the Ted Cruz adultery.......which the Lame Cherry broke in matter anti matter exclusively in forensic psychological science...........offers then the linking of the Kasich and Cruz continued conspiracy against Donald Trump in the theft of delegates, so the children and brats can associate a time line so it stays in their thought processes.

I will end this exclusive here, as it is difficult for aging male trolls and frumper female trolls for Ted Cruz to get the facts down, but maybe they will when it appears on the Conservative Treehouse.

Odd in Sundance was praised, but I was crucified for apparently reading their stuff and using does that not mean that Sundance is the scum of the earth too in the troll reality?
Let's not think about hard things like that, and just focus on CNN with Amanda Carpenter has been caught twice sabotaging Donald Trump and Ben Carson for the Bush / Cruz faction.

Now the slow kids can catch up in a few days with that story and pretend they thought of it.

It's not always about the sex, even if you keep watching the girl.

-Lame Cherry

As a notice, ugly frumpers from Conservative Treehouse and geezer males from Conservative Treehouse are hereby banned from the Lame Cherry. Into the darkness you trolls.
You are never going to be a Popular Girl like me, so just stop being what you are and try Christ, as He will make you into something more than a booger

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