Saturday, March 26, 2016

Permission to come aboard the USS Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

First, the warning, E LINT get off my site. You have not donated, and you are offensive profane rubbish, to my private conversation here, so be gone and your sins be upon you and your house, as I am through with you.

Now that the E LINT is gone, the Lame Cherry welcomes Nigger Knocker James Webb to the family, in endorsing Donald Trump.  

Former Democrat Presidential Candidate Jim Webb Endorses…TRUMP

Yes, you read that correctly. Democrat candidate for President Jim Webb has endorsed Donald Trump for President, not Hillary. Wow…just wow. What a strange race we ...

Mr. Webb is a former Navy guy and worked for Ronald Reagan. He is a hard ass, and that is the kind of American which Donald Trump will require.

I was pondering for a few moments where he should serve, and I would love to see him in charged of deporting all of these foreigners. Jim Webb would put the fear of God into them and make America secure.

If he would accept the position, Under Secretary of Homeland or Defense would be where this dynamic individual would serve, and then I would hope he would move up to Secretary.

I could see him at CIA or FBI. He is a good thumper and as he has outgrown knocking up Niggers, he could knock around invaders. He does a good job there, and he would move up.

It is going to take Americans from both sides of the charts to take America back. Americans unlike the E LINT who claim to be for Donald Trump and then are making excuses for Ted Cruz cheating. That kind of fraud must be wiped out from the start, and Jim Webb is the type who would not lose sleep at night over what needs to be done.

Americans are frustrated and there can be no more of this Finicum stuff, or it will start a revolution. In order to defuse this situation, an outlet is going to have to found, and I have advocated prosecuting the corrupt Obama regime with Mrs. Clinton, and the giving the invaders the business.
This will delight the mob and after a time, the frustration will wear off, and America can then import more non diseased, non raping, not anti Christian Protestant legal immigrants, like Mrs. Trump. I am all for deporting 100 million Muslims and Jesuits and importing 100 million Slavic Christians as they would not require training.

So I am most pleased that the Bush conduit in Jim Webb to get Hillary Clinton has witnessed the light and has endorsed Donald Trump, and I hope to see him around the gene pool, doing the dirty business America needs done.  

Only problem I ever frowned over in Jim Webb was his sodomy delusions. Hopefully that will now be ended programming and working for America.

PS: I love Chuck Schumer too. Wonderful asset to set loose on terrorists. Just need to point these Democrats in the right direction and let them do what they are great at. Once they are stopped from going after Americans like the E LINT is programmed, one can utilize them.

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