Thursday, March 24, 2016

Demeaning the US Presidency Further

or maybe that is not vaginal fluid but pecker cum out of this testosterone "woman"

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are things that the United States President should and should not do, and one of them is bringing two ugly bisexuals to a sexy Latin Dance in trying to be their own Dancing with the Stars.

Sexual dancing is disgusting, but it is what one expects from the 3rd world Chicago back street mentality of these Obamas.

It is more puzzling really than anything, because at least when Bill and Hillary Clinton were posing on the beach in swim attire, they were trying to pretend they were a happy couple. For Obama and the Mrs. it is just more swinger, pervert stuff, in trying to move up the food chain from Negroid to Latin.

I mean after you have Blake Lively and bearded Ryan Reynolds to the White House, and the looks like she is dressed in a blue tarp, and Reynolds kept leaning in to the second Obama adopted daughter with a look of consternation  on his face which expressed, "I don't understand your Nigger talk", all you have left is to go to Argentina, and rub yourself all over Latins in public.

Have no doubts about any of this in the Lame Cherry loves Argentina. I love Chile and I live Venezuela. I could think of nothing nicer really than living on a ranchero in Argentina with all of those diospora Nazi that settled there with Adolf Hitler. Germans make very good neighbors and the White Spaniards are a very pleasing group of people to hunt  jaguars with.

That is the pleasant part, and then we have this vision of vulva juice being spread all over image Obama in public. At least the poor gaucho stuck leading horse face Muchelle Obama around was not crushed by her gigantic feet. I suppose he promised her a carrot afterwards.

I can hardly wait for the glamorous Mr. and Mrs. Trump with the beautiful Trump children to be in the White House. Lovely Americans with class and charisma, and I will never have to be space raped again by these disgusting Obamas, as George and Martha Washington were respectable, John and Jackie Kennedy were elegant and Ronald and Nancy Reagan were equestrians. None of them had Spanish vaginal fluids oozed upon them in public.
I cringe at the thought of the scent of Huma on Hillary, and I do not want to even picture what Ted Cruz would have oozing on him with some Caribbean queen.

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