Friday, March 4, 2016

Trump Fun Gun

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I perhaps needed to be more clear about the 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump, to keep the GOPliters from stealing this from the Americans. This arrived in the mail today and my post mistress was puffing quite a bit when she put in on the front step.

It took awhile to unwrap the shipping tape, but it just said it was addressed to occupant.

The instructions were in German, and it sort of translated something like:

For sale, one Trump Gun.

Only fired on Kaiser Wilhelm Day and taken to the market on Saturdays by Grossmutter Freida.
Must sell as trading up to a Russian SAM 400 battery.

The further instructions were something about delivering these to Donald Trump supporters.

I was quite impressed as  Leopold makes fine optics, and I did not realize they were in the big toy business.

I guess I will not have to be concerned about concealed  carry permits with this one.

Still waiting for the big donation for my Smith & Wesson Model 10.........they had one on Jethro's NCSI the other night. Guess I will have to wait on it as I try and find a holster for this Donald Trump Fun Gun.

I am really going to like the Donald Trump Era.