Sunday, March 20, 2016

Donald Trump Equalibrium

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Insanity and delusion are factors which illogically conclude outcomes which can not logically emerge.

The fact is that Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination by obtaining more than enough delegates, by actual numbers, and to construct anything other than that is something generated from an inner hysteria, which has been conditioned into the mind, that all they are will vanish in life, due to the elimination of the political framework which validates them.

And Erickson, who has sparred publicly with Trump for months online and on his radio show, has previously said, “I will not be voting for Donald Trump at all. Ever.”

Logic would dictate in a rational mind, a course of ingratiating oneself to Donald Trump, and influencing him to appoint you or your Booger brains to the sinus cavity of Donald Trump's administration.

There is more though to this in the Erick Ericksons, Glenn Becks, Matt Walshes who inhabit this derangement against Donald Trump. Some follow orders from the billionaires who own them to the suicide of their own careers. This though to some is more than politics. It is what the political construct provides as entire fulfillment in a social, psychological and spiritual order woven into their psyche.
The people you see before you, to provide propaganda for you to be herded into groups to do the will of the cartel, are chosen and conditioned to accomplish their tasks, and as you can observe, they are quite emphatic in their actions, and their actions are reactionary like a tiger pouncing on a mouse.
What should of been approached subtly has been done with an atomic bomb killing a mosquito.

As you have seen the Tavistock and Stanford protocols, work as adeptly on Erick Erickson as they do on Barack Hussein Obama. Interestingly,  the same codex which has the Cruz boogers jumping through hoops violating their prime directives from God, are the same base codex which triggers all of these media types.

Alice has taken them to wonderland and trapped them in their own insanity. Destiny's child deserves full compliments.

If you have not noticed, I have just denuded and left naked the entire psyche of these types, in what made their psychosis and how they are trapped in it, and how wonderfully they have violated every Biblical programming they thought they were loyal to for a new programming, and it has not occurred to any of them.

We return though to sanity.

Trump dominates the GOP delegate count with nearly half of the states already voting in the Republican presidential primary. According to POLITICO's calculations, he would need to amass slightly more than 50 percent of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination outright.

Due to the regions which are left to vote, their winner take all mandates, Donald Trump will obtain victory. Observe John Kasich in his targeting again states like Ohio for vote fraud. His focus upon Pennsylvania and liberal Philadelphia reveals the inner workings of this GOPliter thinking. Pick off the fatted lamb and fool the Mutton of America that you are stronger than you are.

I have taken you out of the maze little mice and revealed to you the world of the masters of this game. Try not to climb back in right after reading this as you always do, as your life depends on it, and the view out here is what the adults have. The one Donald Trump has.