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LaVoy Finicum Pistol Frame Up Time Line

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Absolutes are evidence which can not be denied. The human soul can not lie to itself, because in the internal thought process, the person is always telling the world what it really thinks.
Whether this is English Hebrew front backward in how minds read right to left and left to right, is only a theory, but the fact is people always tell the Truth in Reverse Speech.

Based upon the reality that LaVoy Finicum when telling Oregon State Police to "shoot him and put a bullet between his eyes", the Reverse Speech of Mr. Finicum clearly stated, "I have no weapon", it is a fact that he did not have a weapon on his person or one in his pick up which he had access to.

This is not to state that there was not a weapon in the pick up, as Ryan Payne asks about A GUN, not "guns" and it was never produced, so it was either the revolver under the seat or the AR 15 under the seat, but not either one, as there was only one gun mentioned.

So the reality is, we are left with a reality that LaVoy Finicum did not have a firearm, and two firearms later appeared, one under his back seat and one in a strange pocket inside his jacket.

The fact of these two appearing weapons is that neither were of any threat to anyone, as the one under the back seat, would have taken removing the back seat with three people on it, and the one in the jacket pocket, would have  required unbuttoning a blue jean jacket, opening that jacket, and then struggling to get it out of that blue jean pocket, all of which would have taken at least 30 seconds to "reach for a weapon".

The fact is the police state has been caught lying in this Oregon situation several times, from the statements of Special Agent Gregory Bretzing about Mr. Finicum, to the 5 FBI snipers lying to Deschutes County investigators, and most importantly, in the word of a dead man telling police he did not have a weapon, and unable to lie to his subconscious.

In that, the Lame Cherry is going to construct a rough time line of events, as this is absolutely not present on the internet. Nowhere can we find the exact time of the death, when the situation began or when it ended. All we have are open ended accounts of fringe events, which reveal a time window.

We know for a certainty from Shawna Cox, that the murder of LaVoy Finicum began when the escorts of the Patriots left the Refuge, along with a vehicle driven by the Sharp Christian singers.
This group witnessed absolutely nothing on the road to alert them to what was about to take place.
Ten minutes later the Finicum pickup, carrying Shawna Cox, Victoria Sharp, Ryan Payne and LaVoy Finicum departed with the jeep carrying Ammon Bundy. The reason for the delay was they thought it would be safer to be spread out in case ambushed, and Victoria Sharp had been showering in being delayed, so she hitched a ride in the Finicum pick up.

As the Finicum pick up drove on the highway, it noted a convoy of unmarked black vehicles appearing from a side road, and noted it was a set up.

The driver of the Bundy vehicle stopped (McConnell). This person was later released by the FBI and immediately went on Facebook lying about LaVoy Finicum in presenting evidence this person was never able to witness.
It is deemed this was an FBI mole, and it was the start of Gregory Bretzing's misinformation campaign on the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

The Finicum pick up was stopped and not approached, nor did law enforcement identify themselves. It was at this stop that LaVoy Finicum in Reverse Speech stated that he had no weapon.
After being left sitting in this vehicle for almost 15 minutes, LaVoy Finicum drove away as he informed the Oregon State Police that they were going to the Sheriff for help in Grant County.
The Finicum vehicle was fired upon as they left the scene according to Shawna Cox.

After several minutes, the Finicum pick up rounded a curve and met a road block, whereupon they were immediately fired upon, three times, by Oregon State Police. In avoiding a crash, LaVoy Finicum swerved to the ditch, and the pickup hung up in several feet of snow.

Mr. Finicum exited the vehicle immediately with hands raised, jumping from his running board into the snow. He was fired upon by someone not Oregon State Police from an elevated position, which struck the pick up, and blew out the back window.

For the next several minutes, Mr. Finicum with hands raised, attempted to surrender, without any weapon in his hands. The snow was deep and in cold, thin air, his hands might have dropped.
During this time in his floundering in the deep snow, an Oregon State Police Officer approached with a Taser to 15 feet from the trees, as Mr. Finicum had retreated from this officer, and another officer approached from the road, and drove Mr. Finicum back, both without attempting to arrest him.
It was at the final approach of the Oregon Police Officer with the Taser, before he could Taser Mr. Finicum, that Mr. Finicum was blown forward off his feet, facing the highway.

It is deemed this was the first shot, into Mr. Finicum's back, which just missed his heart. His body was struck 2 more times according to the Coroners Report. It is not known when these wounds took place, only that two facts are available in this as absolute.

1. Shawna Cox's recording has sound of this shooting, in a rapid fire "snap" of what sounds like .223 round going off in succession, in not heavy gunfire, as it sounds all the same type.

2. Mr. Finicum was on the ground and raised his arms again to surrender and continued to try to surrender, until he died.

From this point on, we know it was 10 minutes that Mr. Finicum was left without any medical attention, to bleed out on the ground, which should have been accomplished as officers showed no fear of being shot by anyone in the pickup when exposed in trying to Taser Mr. Finicum, so there was no threat afterwards, as the pick up was attacked repeatedly, until Mr. Finicum was dead, and then law enforcement first commanded Ryan Payne, Victoria Sharp, and Shawna Cox to exit the vehicle, one by one.

Shawna Cox confirms that LaVoy Finicum was dead on the ground, and that a dozen military type snipers appeared from the tree line at this point.

Ms. Cox then states she and the others were detained, left sitting in the snow for two hours, with no attempt to take them into custody.

Deschutes County sources state that the drone which recorded all of this remained airborne another hour, and recorded the FBI snipers huddling, and then one gathering up two brass casings which were fired during this assault in the first phase of the FBI cover up.

It was then dark, and Ms. Cox states they were taken back to the Ammon Bundy location, in a vehicle, where that group still was, and they sat at that location for some time.

In this time line, we know that Pete Santilli, alerted the Refuge Patriots to get out of the Refuge or they would all be shot. DailyKos and liberals mocked the Patriots for running, but it appears from evidence online and later reports of "the stand off was over" that in contacts Mr. Santilli had with FBI before these events, that this might have been part of the Gregory Bretzing multi level psychological operation against the Patriots.
The reason this is important follows.

We have LaVoy Finicum's confession that he was unarmed. So a reason had to be provided to create chaos at the Refuge and clear it. We know that LaVoy Finicum's regular revolver which was a large weapon, along with his pictured long gun, were back at the refuge.
The Ruger 9 mm which appeared in Mr. Finicum's jacket pocket for a Deschutes County photo, was not in the pick up, so it was either at the Refuge or in the possession of someone else, as in an FBI mole.
It is factored out that the Ruger was at the Refuge, due to the long delay Ms. Cox statements reveal. That perhaps Delta Force in the US military was in command of this operation illegally, and that when it was discovered that Oregon State Police or more likely Delta Force had just shot an unarmed old man 3 times, and left him to bleed out in the snow for 10 minutes, that this would not be deemed a justifiable shooting, but instead murder.

It all comes down to the Ruger, and the cover up was constructed around this firearm, and the fictional story of Mr. Finicum going for a gun. It could not be the big revolver as it would not fit in his pocket, so the firearm bearing serial number 331-35894, which was a used gun that Mr. Finicum's step son, Thomas Kinne, had given him years before as a present, would be the weapon to be planted in the pocket of Mr. Finicum.

For those unfamiliar with homicide, a dead body is searched, but not stripped as Mr. Finicum's was in the deep snow, in the dead of winter. Deschutes County forensic photographs show the clothing of Mr. Finicum stripped from his body, and rolled into a ball. As he was dead, there was no need to perform this, or any reason as nothing could be done.

What we do need for the timeline though is who were the EMT's on scene, and their actions, because if the gun was noted in undressing Mr. Finicum, then we have a narrower time window to fix the placement of the weapon. If they reported no weapon, then we know the weapon was planted into the jacket after Mr. Finicum was undressed.

What we do know for certain, is that there was not any weapon up to the time Shawna Cox saw the Finicum corpse 10 minutes after his death. We know from the photo that the gun was in the jacket when it was dark on the night of this attack. Only Deschutes County investigators can confirm in the exact time signature of that photo, the absolute time line of the window this Ruger was planted in the jacket of LaVoy Finicum.

So this is the compressed time line which we are certain of:

The FBI and Oregon State Police begin the operation around 4:25 p.m. to bring people into custody in the Jeep and truck. The operation took "more than 25 minutes." --Bretzing

This means the ambush began at 4:25 PM
After the "I have no weapon stop" the time was approximately 4:40 pm.
The drive for help which ended at the ambush roadblock was perhaps to 4:43 pm
LaVoy Finicum floundered in the snow for perhaps 3 minutes which would be 4:46 pm
For the next 10 minutes to 5:56 pm LaVoy Finicum lay dying in the snow.
Until approximately 5 PM, Ryan Payne, Victoria Sharp and Shawna Cox exited the vehicle.

Oregon Live provides a detailed account, after the murder, which would appear to point to about 10 minutes after 5 PM, law enforcement started to congregate around the body.

19:15 Two officers approach the truck from the rear driver side, one carrying a shield. Two others walk down from the trees toward Finicum's body. -- Video

19:57 Officers close the passenger door, open the driver's door. -- Video

21:10 An officer kneels over Finicum's body. -- Video

21:16 An officer throws Finicum's cowboy hat aside. -- Video

21:49 Six officers stand around Finicum's body. -- Video

It is rather not law enforcement to throw Mr. Finicum's hat aside, but we have the first confirmation in this, that one officer was over the body, and six officers gathered around the body.
No reports of when the jacket was removed.......and I will add that standard police protocols demand  that any weapon on a body, as in a jacket pocket BE SECURED, and not left in the pocket, to be photographed by forensics. Securing a weapon is top priority always. Yet the weapon was not secured in what Oregon Live witnessed after Finicum was dropped to the ground, and it only appears later in the jacket pocket.

So in the time line, it appears that the two "planes" or drones in this operation were there until after dark. No one appears to have planted any Ruger in the jacket as of 6 PM, when the FBI gathering for their picking up their spent cases had taken place, and Shawna Cox stated it was dark when they were transported back to the Bundy location.

Therefore, it is certain that just after 6 pm and before Deschutes County investigators arrived, which appears to be after dark or at least an hour after the shooting, the gun was planted in the jacket of LaVoy Finicum.

This is a rough time line, which includes another white pickup and a vehicle with a horse trailer which was stopped as this murder was taking place, but those witnesses have not been included in official release of information, but it narrows the window of the planting of the weapon.

Those 6 law enforcement officers standing around the body, were duty bound if they saw a firearm, to secure it. They know if they witnessed a gun. If they did not, then the reality is they are witnesses whose testimony is essential.

William Colby of the CIA said before his death, concerning the Militia Movement, that they were dangerous, not for having guns, but because they joined most of Americans in no longer believing their government. The system is what the power elite seek to protect, and when one has the FBI lying, lying and someone planting a weapon on a dead body to justify the murder of that American, it simply obliterates trust in the government.
None of this is going to go away. This is as heinous as the assassination of John F. Kennedy, as everyone can see by the film and the testimony that it is not the way the regime is reporting it, and this is exactly the way it is with the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

There is absolutely no doubt LaVoy Finicum can not lie in his subconscious, it is the ultimate truth serum, and he stated before he even knew he was going to be murdered, that he did not have a weapon in Reverse Speech. Yet we now have a gun on his body, that only a finite number of law enforcement and moles could have ever had access to.

The window to this time line can be narrowed to exact times of when Deschutes County took custody of that jacket for photographing. It was in that window that a Ruger which was a gift to Robert LaVoy Finicum appeared, and it was not Mr. Finicum who walked back to the Refuge and stuffed it in his pocket, as he was dead in the snow.

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