Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Billaton Option

As another Lame Cherry solution in matter anti matter.

This is not about the secret technologies which America has developed from demonic sources, but it is instead the reality of the necessity of life, the whether one believes in Biblical Wormwood, or looks to science in the massive craters upon earth from meteorite impacts or the lifting of mountains over night which froze mammoths in the Arctic surrounded by tropical vegetation, there is a reality that every few thousand years, the earth faces catastrophic upheavals, and near genocide in the days of darkness of planet and comet sized near collisions.

For this reason, the Lame Cherry looks to a future, in which President Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump, would join, in ending the Obama friction between these two powers, to construct a series of earth defenses, using robotics in what I define as the Billaton Option.

We all are familiar with kilo and megaton hydrogen bombs. What I advocate is constructing 1000 bilaton bombs in space, upon the moon.
These "planet pushers" would be placed in orbit in the Asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. I would also place a reserve around Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, due to the reality that sometimes meteors, comets, planetoids, planets and stars, visit this solar system from various trajectories.

There is not enough explosive power to pulverize a meteor size object such as Venus, which indications point to was once a comet which visited near extinction results on planet earth. The necessity then is to produce an energy effect to push large objects away from the earth, and if possible to implode them on Jupiter or Saturn, and in last resort to extinguish them in the sun.

The trajectories in this are best result in the further the distance from earth, the greater the deviation in course. A mere inch with a million miles of travel would produce the effect of a near earth miss, instead of a collision.
All of this in mathematical calculations would be plotted so that no chances could produce a reintroduction of the problem or amplifying it.

Take for example historical legend of Venus. What if the legends are true in first Venus made war with Jupiter, and then almost destroyed earth by it's trajectory being warped, not away from earth, but toward earth, in a glancing impact of Jupiter?
Legends then point to earthlings being very interested in the comet orbit of Venus, as again the stories point to a war between Mars and Venus....this war seems to after another almost extinction of earth, produced by Mars influence an orbital path for Venus where she is now captured.

The big planets which are known, and the larger planets beyond Pluto our 9th planet, are designed by God to deal with the major problems, as is the moon for earth by her noted impacts on her surface, but sometimes objects slip through, and in that I call upon several hundred billaton nuclear sized carriers, with robots ready to put the payloads in place, to deflect, in steering these objects from near misses of earth.

We will not have the ability for some time, in contained anti matter to deal with death stars or perhaps even planets the size of earth, but for objects which are manageable there is solution available and it should be administered by Russia and the United States.

There are realities in this, that in at least our system, that objects of earth size appear the norm. Meaning there are not Jupiter sized rocks to deal with in most cases. Like rain drops are of a maximum size, space in solid material has a normal maximum and earth is it.

That is not to say that earth is simple. All the nuclear bombs tested have not moved the earth an inch. That is why it would require models to not just move a planetoid off course, but perhaps accelerate it, if it was on an earth trajectory.

All types of dynamics are involved in this, as gravity of earth pulls objects, just like objects in space pull on earth. The further a large object misses the earth, the better, and that is the purpose of this to plot and chart the trajectories, so that one catastrophe does not produce something worse.
For example, what if we deflected a large object and saved earth, and then discovered on the way out or a return trip that it struck Mars and fractured her and sent her moons flying off course and those courses  would be near earth collisions for a several hundred years? That is what would be required to avoid, as near earth misses create mile high walls of water that come crashing down, immense electrical discharges which change polarity on earth, and most life wiped out, as legends speak of eras when the earth actually had a sun which rose in the west, as her rotation was changed.

The earth now has the robotics, the nuclear industry, and the capabilities to begin creating this line of defenses. I believe in a common defense it would lessen a great deal of the friction which has engulfed the earth.

Call this again the Lame Cherry Doctrine of the Billaton Defense. I would that we could construct a planet cutter, based upon solar energy amplified to an electromagnetic beam, but perhaps in the future a ring of these planet blasters could serve the purpose, and be developed for the economic purpose of mining, including carving off large pieces of ice to deposit upon Mars to produce a breathable atmosphere there for colonization.

There is also an option which might be termed a "nuclear cannon" where a series of space manufactured metal wedges would be produced and fired into a large object in order to split it, in a sort of Doomsday Machine as earth technology is not ion beam developed as of yet. There are options though and this is the Billaton Project.

That though is another White Paper, this is a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter in the Billaton Defense.

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